The IT Advantages of Buying Web-based Recruiting Software

Business applications as we know them have changed. The shift from traditional hardware-based to web-based software has steadily gained momentum over time and more businesses are demanding cloud solutions from their IT departments. Why? For several reasons, but first, I want to make sure you understand what my interpretation of cloud or Web-based recruiting software is because there are several terminologies and interpretations that are out there today.

True SaaS Defined:

In this instance we will talk about an application which is accessed via a web browser without installation of any software or plug-in, meaning it is hosted in the cloud. This application utilizes multi-tenant architecture, meaning the application serves multiple businesses and users, and partitions its data accordingly. More and more small to large companies today are choosing web-based applicant tracking systems and customer relationship management tools that allow them to streamline all of their online recruitment processes. So…why are so many businesses, and particularly recruiting agencies, moving towards true cloud solutions?  For several reasons, but in this post we will focus specifically on the IT advantages of a web-based solution, including:
  • Reduced IT Costs ―The most common analogy I hear is the comparison of leasing versus buying a car – if you plan to keep the car for a long time, then it is cheaper to buy it outright. I’m a lover of analogies, but this just isn’t the case when you are considering well-run pure SaaS solutions. The problem with purchasing on-premise (or hardware-based) software is that the buyer only receives new enhancements when the vendor releases a new version or upgrade, which typically occurs every few years. Upgrades can be costly and often times something that CIOs fear. Businesses typically spend a lot of money paying for professional services to help complete their upgrade, which is not something you deal with when you employ a SaaS solution. You can also run the risk of being taken “off the development path” when you try to customize the software, whether this is done by you to save money or by the vendor themselves.  With a multi-tenant, SaaS solution, upgrades and enhancements are rolled out on a regular basis. If we continue with the car analogy, it would be as if you leased a car and every month or so, mechanics would come to your house to tune it up and upgrade its features. To extrapolate this further, one would hope with the constant updates and innovation of a SaaS solution, the product you are using three years down the road is more efficient and powerful, giving you the ability to book more business along the way.
  • Hardware Maintenance ―A thing of the past.  With a true SaaS solution the data is hosted in the provider’s cloud and all maintenance is included in the subscription fee.  Typically the datacenters that host the hardware for the SaaS provider are for enterprise software and are classified. The highest datacenter classification available is the Tier 4 datacenter.  This tier of datacenter provides the highest fault tolerance, redundant architecture and expected percentage of available uptime.  It is an expectation that these facilities have also been SAS70 SOC1 Type II certified.
  • Fast Deployment ―When deploying true Web-based recruiting software, there is no equipment to purchase, install, and test. There are no servers to provision and no backups to setup. Rolling a SaaS solution out to your organization and providing them with training is usually very fast. This makes deployment easier and far less expensive, and provides for immediate value.  So, unlike on-premise tools, which can take weeks to roll-out, SaaS solutions such as Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system allows users (with no data to be migrated) to be up and running in a matter of hours once provisioning begins.
  • Support―A true SaaS architecture means that internal IT support requests of desktop applications should decline since the installation and maintenance of client software is a thing of the past.  An existing browser and minimal hardware requirements means that in most cases, only slight consideration needs to be given in order to roll out and maintain the software. In the instance of Bullhorn, which is a true multi-tenant solution that runs one set of code for all of its subscribing customers, it is easier to support.  The staff does not have to be well-versed on separate product lines or versions.  From an IT perspective this ensures faster turn-around on trouble tickets that are logged.
  • Continuous Upgrades/Innovation―The biggest tangible benefit from a true SaaS solution is the ability to move with the industry and allow your provider to roll out updates and innovations as they are developed throughout the year.  It’s imperative for a recruiting agency to be agile in response to client needs and industry trends without needing to budget for and dedicate IT resources.
  • Secure Infrastructure―If your SaaS provider is utilizing a tier 4 datacenter, then you will be receiving the strictest physical security available, exceeding the reach of what most recruiting companies can provide to their data.  This includes:
              o Integrated biometric card access control
              o 7x24x365 CCTV video surveillance and recording
              o Security staff on patrol 24 hours a day, seven days a week
    Physical security is only half of the equation though as application and system level security is also a concern.  True SaaS solutions have designed their security model with strict application logic that prevents any customer from accessing another’s data or configuration, all of which will help you sleep better at night.
  • Mobility―As an IT manager, the staff you support will typically want to utilize applications outside of the office.  A major benefit to true SaaS solutions is that they will be available from any PC with a browser.  This will save you support hours if no installation, VPN or citrix / RDP configuration is necessary.
  • Pre-Built Integrations―Not only are SaaS solutions pre-built, but they’re able to be turned on with the flick of a switch.  The beauty of the integration between two SaaS solutions is that once the plumbing is completed and the two systems are connected, it just becomes a slight configuration to turn it on for a specific client.  The API (Application Programming Interface) is the key to making this magic happen. Bullhorn has solutions around the API that partner organizations have built and you can take advantage of them through the Bullhorn Marketplace.
​As you can see, there are several IT advantages to buying true cloud recruiting software. If you are in the process of evaluating cloud recruitment software, then check out some of Bullhorn’s resources below that may help you navigate the vendor landscape:

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