Cognos for $5 billion

As some of you know, Bullhorn has a partnership with Cognos. This week, IBM and Cognos announced that IBM will acquire Cognos for $5 billion. This is tremendous validation of our partner’s leadership position in the marketplace. And, I personally…Read More

Jeff Taylor Gets It Right Again. Almost!

I saw Jeff Taylor of Monster fame deliver a keynote at NACCB today. Regardless of your opinion on Jeff’s views over the years, I found his remarks today about how technology is going to change the staffing and recruiting industry…Read More

Sales and Recruiting 2.0

There is a new buzz phrase being tossed about in the market by a few vendors, analysts and industry pundits: Sales 2.0. With all of the chatter over the last few years about “Web 2.0” I was sucked right in…Read More

Best Operating Practices: How Smart is Your Firm?

I just read through a very interesting presentation by Mark Roberts, CEO, of the National Association of Computer Consultant Businesses (NACCB). Mark points out double-digit, year-over-year revenue growth for staffing and recruiting firms, but declining profit margins. Imagine what happens…Read More

Web-Based CRM – What’s it all about?

As companies move further into the 21st century with each passing year, firms in a variety of industries including HR, Telecommunications, Energy, Financial Management, Aerospace and Information Technology (IT) are seeking more efficient and effective solutions to managing customer relationships…Read More

Think Different!

Do you remember that Apple ad slogan from several years ago? It wasn’t to long ago that Apple’s stock was trading in the single digits and today it closed at $162, adjusted for stock splits. I guess thinking differently works.…Read More

Notes from Staffing World: Fun, Facts and Otherwise

I’m an avid reader of the Baseball Notes column of the Sunday Boston Globe, and I always fancied myself writing something similar. So here it goes from the show floor of Staffing World… Danny Cahill, always insightful, very entertaining and…Read More

What’s a CRM and What’s It For?

To some that’s a mind boggling question. CRMs or customer relationship management systems have been around for almost two decades. If you’ve been around the high technology industry for many years (who could that be?), you know that sometimes we…Read More