That’s where the Bullhorn Marketplace comes into play!

Bullhorn’s extensible platform enables staffing companies to build a customized tech stack that powers their entire business. With so many technology providers in the staffing and recruiting space, you are able to create a completely tailored solution, unique to your business, that integrates seamlessly with Bullhorn.


The Bullhorn Marketplace gives you the chance to pick and choose the right technologies, exactly when you need them. More importantly, it gives you peace of mind in knowing that these technologies have been vetted by Bullhorn, have track records of customer success, will support the growth of your unique business, and can fit seamlessly into your existing Bullhorn workflow.

Check out how real Bullhorn customers are leveraging the Marketplace and the Bullhorn partner ecosystem to grow their staffing business. These examples are meant as inspiration and helpful information – every business will need to make the choices that are right for you.

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The 'Allen Recruitment' Tech Stack

Allen Recruitment is a mid-size consultancy based in Dublin, London, and Cork providing a full range of recruitment related services to leading Information Technology and Finance companies.

The business is built on bringing in graduates with no prior experience to become trained recruitment pros. Thanks to the ‘easy to adopt and use’ nature of Marketplace solutions, user-adoption is high and new-recruits can get up to speed quickly and efficiently.

The fact that there are all of these different products already integrated allows you to have a bespoke process. Everything hangs off Bullhorn; if it’s not integrated into Bullhorn, I don’t want to know.
Brian Cunningham Managing Director, Allen Recruitment

The 'Premier Group' Tech Stack

Premier Group is a large recruitment agency delivering recruitment solutions across the IT, Digital, Engineering sectors in the UK and USA.

We began the year by looking at what our plans are and where we want the business to go, and were able to turn to the marketplace to find solutions, align these partner technologies with our business goals, and have found great success.
Ben Broughton Managing Director & Owner

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The 'Petroplan' Tech Stack

Petroplan is a global recruitment specialist in both contract and permanent roles for employers and professionals in the oil, gas and energy sector.

I think now there’s a much greater emphasis on the marketplace, and the ability to use Bullhorn as your ‘all-in-one’. In a modern workplace where we use multiple evolving technologies, from your laptop, to wireless networks, and even headsets, etc. having everything working seamlessly together makes a ton of difference.
Alex Roberts IT Manager, Petroplan

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