SourceBreaker is an award winning End to End Search platform that finds Recruiters more of the best candidates, then at the click of a button, matches them to multiple live vacancies, and helps identify the hiring manager, providing multiple opportunities to place every candidate found in seconds.

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Find more talent & leads and save 1-2 hrs per day

  • Gain access to more of the best candidates that your competitors can’t find with the help of our unique searching algorithm
  • Click a button and match those candidates to live end user jobs
  • Uncover a shortlist of likely hiring managers for the role
  • Instantly add candidates and vacancies to Bullhorn

“SourceBreaker has been a fantastic implementation for Premier Group and has delivered excellent ROI” – Ben Broughton, Managing Director, Premier Group

Discover top quality talent your competitors aren’t

SourceBreaker’s intelligent End to End Search platform has the most extensive and accurate synonym database in the industry, enabling Recruiters to uncover hard to find candidates in an instant, across Bullhorn, CV databases and Social Media.

“SourceBreaker finds our consultants 1000s more candidates and job leads” – Simon Burns, Group Head of Operations, I-Pharm

Multiple opportunities to place every Candidate

At the click of a button, match the Candidates you find to live, end user vacancies taken straight from their careers pages and portals. One more click will then provide you with a shortlist of decision makers likely to be hiring for the roles. In the space of a few seconds, you’ll have found candidates your competitors can’t, together with multiple matching jobs and the hiring managers to speak to. SourceBreaker saves your consultants 1-2 hours per day to redirect to building relationships with Candidates and Clients.

“Hands down the best recruitment technology we use and has provided a significant and instant ROI” – Tim Pereira, Sales Director, G2V

Grow your business faster

SourceBreaker is used by the fastest growing Recruitment businesses in the UK including Harnham, Premier Group, Meet, Venturi and 100s more. Described as turbo charging Recruiters’ productivity and billings, your top performers bill more while your new recruits are up to speed and profitable far quicker, decreasing churn and accelerating growth.

“Within the first month of implementing SourceBreaker we had extra sales of over £25,000 directly from it” – Indi Pahl, Founder, Oakwell Hampton

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