DaXtra Search: Get the best candidates in front of your clients faster than ever before

  Within DaXtra Magnet,a Chrome Browser Plugin, you can browse online job boards, social networks or individual web pages and cross-match relevant profiles to the information in your Bullhorn database. Update existing data directly from Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Word, or your PDF Reader using DaXtra Magnet, from wherever you view candidate, client and contact profiles.
  • Deduplicate, create and update of candidate, client and contact details with a single click
  • Instantly add notes and actions to existing records directly from your Chrome browser, Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader and PDF Viewers
  • Easily update your existing Bullhorn records with new skills, attributes, and aspirations, without leaving your current desktop workspace



Aggregated CV Searching and Matching Over Multiple Sources

Speed up and simplify the job of CV/resume matching by submitting a single query to all selected sources, retrieving the top-ranked results from each. A single interface displays all results for direct review and comparison. Saved searches can be re-run at any time, even overnight, with new lists of candidates that meet your criteria emailed to you for review. Integrate with your Bullhorn database resumes and synchronize all CRM candidate database records with DaXtra Search in a near real-time basis. Searches are run over the unstructured resume text, the parsed resume text, and CRM-structured field data. This allows you to rank Bullhorn database results based on relevancy; how many times the search terms appear, where they appear and in what context.    






Single Action Shortlisting to Your Bullhorn Database

On-demand capabilities parse, deduplicate, and load selected online profiles directly to your CRM database. As online profiles are viewed, where supported, you can elect to view the full CV individually, download to the CRM, or add to a shortlist for final export to your CRM database. Leverage Online Talent Community Profiles — Integrate with approved job boards or Internet networking sites, and automate the ability to enter a search query or retrieve results. A single interface allows recruiters to review, select, and shortlist or download relevant candidate data.    





Intuitive Navigation, Review, Sorting and Filtering Tools

Review and filter candidate data faster. Aggregated CV search results are available in a single view, collected in rank order by each source searched and allow for the immediate review of the best candidates available. Results can be drilled down on secondary terms of interest and relevancy, allowing quick and easy sifting of results. Save You Time and Effort — Unify all sourcing efforts into a single workflow, eliminating the time and effort of resourcing against each source independently. DaXtra Search’s CV matching software integrates your CRM database so all CVs from external sources can be loaded with required business rules, including tracking of status, source and owner unique to resourcing activity, enabling easier KPI management of resourcing activities, and ROI reporting.    






DaXtra Styler: Automates production of branded, formatted & anonymized resumes

DaXtra Styler is designed to professionalize your resume sendouts. Stand out from the competition with anonymized and formatted resumes, automatically produced from your custom branded and styled templates. Anonymization of resumes by removing key details helps reduce the possibility of unconscious bias in your recruitment process. DaXtra Styler ensures brand consistency while easing the administration burden of your recruitment process – allowing you to focus your time on what is really important – selling the candidate to your client.  





DaXtra Product Suite: Automated intelligent recruitment solutions

DaXtra Technologies is a world-leading specialist in high accuracy, multilingual resume and job parsing, semantic search, matching and aggregation technology. We automate the whole employment application process. Find the best available talent fast. Find the best, find them fast, find them first.    




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