Bullhorn Connect

Mobile Candidate Experience

Bullhorn Connect is a mobile staffing experience for candidates and employees to find jobs and manage their work-life. 

Combine Connect with the Bullhorn Platform and create a Digital Staffing Platform that empowers candidate self-service, streamlines operations, and creates a differentiated experience from online staffing platforms.


Create Loyal Candidates

Provide an experience candidates want to experience, and build candidates for life!


Scale Without Headcount

Empower candidates to self-serve, and take the busy work away from your recruiters. 


Increase Redeployment

Deliver high-touch experiences and timely engagements to increase redeployment rates and bottom line.


Grow Your Employer Brand

Create your own branded experience with our customizable Connect framework.

Customize to Your Candidate Needs

Whether you're focused on professional staffing or high-volume Commercial Light Industrial, you can create an experience that sets you apart.

Commercial Light Industrial

Manage high volumes of workers end-to-end, with a low touch self-service model.

  • Step-by-step registration
  • Select shifts on the go
  • Enter time


Staffing Firm

Commercial Light Industrial

Manage high volumes of workers end-to-end, with a low touch self-service model.

  • Step-by-step Registration
  • Select Shifts on the go
  • Enter time


Staffing Firm



Build talent pools of qualified staff that are ready to work when you need them.


  • Enter Credentials
  • Upload Docs
  • Select Shifts


Staffing Firm



Create lasting relationships that drive greater contractor redeployment.

  • Manage profiles
  • Update CV’s, and preferences
  • Job recommendations

Connect Candidate Experience

Bullhorn Connect offers an easy way for candidates to engage with your brand and take control of their working lives.


Get Started

  • Easy mobile registration
  • Update your profile

Job Search

  • Search for jobs that fit your schedule
  • Get recommendations based on your skills and work history

Shift Selection

  • Select shifts that fit with your schedule

Get Paid

  • Enter your time with ease
  • Keep a track of all your pay

Create Your Own Candidate Experience

Bullhorn Connect is modular, enabling you to develop your own unique candidate experience.

Leverage the Bullhorn Platform, the Bullhorn Marketplace partner network, and your own in-house solutions to create a single candidate experience that builds lasting relationships.


*Roadmaps owned by Marketplace partners.


Personalize your Connect experience with your business logo and colors.

Bullhorn Solutions

Give candidate access to your Bullhorn solutions and save on the busy work.

Bullhorn Marketplace

Extend your Connect experience with partners from the Bullhorn Marketplace.

Open API

Leverage your own applications, or plug 3rd party solutions into your Connect experience with our Open API. 

Single Sign-On

Streamline your candidate experience with Bullhorn authentication and single sign-on.


We’ve got you and your candidates covered, with Bullhorn’s best-in-class security.

As Bullhorn grows, so does Connect. Your candidate experience will always be in lock-step with your Bullhorn solutions, so you can rest assured you’re investing for the long term.

Digital Staffing Platform

Unlike other solutions, Connect brings candidates directly into Bullhorn to create a Digital Staffing Platform.

This enables staffing firms to scale their digital self-service capabilities while delivering vital Employer Of Record services and enabling them to differentiate from gig economy platforms.

ATS: Update your Bullhorn ATS records in real-time with candidate self-service.

Automation: Automate your candidate experience with Herefish at every step for triggers and actions.

Onboarding: Document capture and credential gathering from Onboarding365 that flows directly into Bullhorn.

Time & Expense: Collect time and attendance information from candidates on the go.

The Path to Digital Transformation

A unified candidate experience starts with two important steps - digitization, then automation. Before you can use Bullhorn Connect to the fullest, you have to invest in a system of record and an automation solution to reduce the busywork.



Invest in a single cloud-based platform for ATS and back-office system of record. With your team running as one from a single dataset from intake to billing - you're flying.

Find more about Bullhorn One



Remove the busywork from your recruiting team to scale without adding headcount and deliver high-touch candidate engagements.

Find more about Herefish



Combine the Bullhorn Platform with Connect and create a Digital Staffing Platform that will transform your business.

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