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Bullhorn is honored to be named a Salesforce Summit Partner, the highest tier offered by Salesforce. Summit partners are considered elite experts leading the way in creating innovative solutions for the Salesforce platform. As the only talent solutions and recruitment software provider to achieve Summit partner status in 2024, Bullhorn is uniquely positioned to help you be successful with the Salesforce platform.

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Unified System of Record

Fully digitize your entire business and achieve a single source of truth. Bullhorn for Salesforce provides a comprehensive data model, industry specific automations, and unbounded configurability to meet your business needs.

Accelerated Path-to-Value

Bullhorn for Salesforce is a complete end-to-end Salesforce-based solution that natively supports all business models, vertical specific workflows, and incorporates industry best practices so you can get up and running faster, with less risk and expense, than building a custom solution.

Elevate Your Salesforce Experience

By choosing Bullhorn for Salesforce, agencies who are looking to leverage the Salesforce platform for their digital transformation initiatives are able to innovate faster, achieve greater differentiation, and maximize return on investments by delivering better business outcomes.

Source, Select, and Place

Ask any recruiter and they’ll tell you that the hardest part of the job is finding good talent. With Bullhorn for Salesforce, you can leverage AI-powered search and match capabilities that help your teams find the best talent to fulfill job orders quickly and efficiently. Put boolean searches in the rear view mirror and empower your recruiters to focus on building the talent pools and candidate relationships you need to make more placements.

Sales and Business Development

A key aspect to growing your business is leveraging a CRM that can help you generate more sales and win new clients. Whether it’s working with strategic national accounts or retail customers, we help your sales teams effectively manage leads, convert opportunities to orders, and grow revenue to reach the business goals you strive for.

The “Right” Candidate Experience

Candidate loyalty is built on the trust and transparency they experience throughout the entire recruitment lifecycle. Through intelligent automations, powerful tools for engagement, career sites, candidate portals, and more, you can truly differentiate your brand by delivering the experience candidates are looking for.

Reporting and Analytics

In order to effectively grow your business, your teams need to make the right decisions at the right time based on accurate, up-to-date information captured from across your organization. With Bullhorn for Salesforce, you can leverage real-time dashboards and analytics to support every level of your organization in their decision making needs.

Powerful Automations

By automating workflows, processes, and communications throughout the entire recruiting cycle, we help your teams focus on the activities that really matter (building relationships) while achieving greater productivity, reducing administrative tasks, and building a trusted database; all while keeping your data healthy, accurate, and up-to-date.

Smart Shift Scheduling

Smart scheduling and automated rescheduling help simplify what can be extremely complicated, while streamlined notification management ensures any impacted staff member is notified of changes. As well, contextual risk and fatigue management helps companies in regulated industries make more informed decisions about who works, when and where.

Time Interpretation Made Easy

Develop and manage complex rate cards, capture time accurately and interpret it to drive payroll accuracy and reduce debtor days.

Mobile Self-Service

Our mobile engagement platform unifies all digital engagement channels. Its self-service capabilities enable workers to manage schedules, access pay information, clock in and out of shifts and breaks and more. These self-service capabilities increase their engagement, driving improved shift coverage, reduced employee turnover, mitigated risk, and reduced recruitment costs.

Run Your Business on Bullhorn for Salesforce

Catalyte drives productivity and improves data cleanliness with Bullhorn for Salesforce

Prior to using Bullhorn for Salesforce, Catalyte had an antiquated staffing system and they were seeing data loss on a daily basis. Meanwhile, their sales team was seeing success using the Salesforce platform. The Catalyte team wanted to make a change over to an ATS system that also tied into the Salesforce platform.

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As far as customization goes for Bullhorn for Salesforce, one of the key pieces was 'Search and Match.' It is our secret sauce. It is how we are able to find the right person for the right project and the right client.
Paolo Kulsrud headshot
Paola Kulsrud Senior Director of On-Demand Operations, Catalyte
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