Accelerate speed to market

If you submit faster, you fill faster while increasing your fill rate and strengthening your VMS/MSP relationships.

Boost recruiter productivity

Automate tedious tasks and free up time to focus on higher-impact activities like filling more jobs.

Grow strategic client relationships

See the multiplier effect of cleaner data so you increase efficiencies and don’t miss out on key opportunities

Automate VMS data syncing

Bullhorn’s direct integration between your VMS and ATS eliminates duplicate data entry and automatically publishes status changes in the ATS. That means your team can stop copying and pasting requisitions and candidates, won’t waste time working job orders that can no longer be filled, and can spend that newfound time building relationships.

Submit candidates to VMS in Bullhorn

Enable your recruiters to spend less time checking submissions for accuracy and more time submitting candidates to and closing jobs. They can source candidates and submit them to the VMS without leaving Bullhorn, get real-time VMS submission status updates, easily automate outreach to candidates for next steps, and significantly decrease the time to submit.

Leverage key VMS integrations

We know you work with many different companies, each of which has chosen the VMS that best suits its needs. Bullhorn helps to support your needs by integrating your ATS with virtually every VMS solution, including Fieldglass, Beeline, HealthTrust Workforce Solutions, and over 100 others (and counting).

Drive actionable insights

Real-time VMS updates ensure your ATS data is always up to date so you have full visibility into opportunity and activity data for each client. Use these insights which requisitions are generating the greatest ROI, identify new opportunities, and fill jobs faster.

Easily capture time

Fully automate the flow of timesheet data from any VMS platform to a single time and expense system for processing. Connect any VMS to the Bullhorn database, so that importing and exporting time and information becomes a quicker and simpler task.

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The Jacobsen Group increased speed to submit and cut costs with VMS Sync

An investment in VMS Sync helped the Jacobsen Group drive efficiency and enabled their team to focus on high-impact activities and build stronger MSP relationships.

5x increase in fill rate Since implementing VMS Sync, the Jacobsen Group has increased their fill rate on orders coming through VMSes by 5ex without markedly increasing the sie of the team.
We already utilize and see the value of Bullhorn VMS Sync in increasing our speed to service in the VMS business. The VMS submittals functionality has taken that speed and put it into hyperdrive, and it also allows our staff to spend more time nurturing candidate and client experiences. Shifting the time and focus from data entry to relationship building and delivery of great service is what will set us apart in this crowded market space
Jennifer Shorr Assistant Vice President, Operations, The Jacobsen Group

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