Increase Margins

Even if your staffing firm has an automated timekeeping tool, decision-makers don’t realize the unnecessary time, money and effort that goes into ensuring accurate pay and accurate bill. With Bullhorn’s T&E solution, you’ll be able to bridge this gap.

Turn VMS Into Business You Want

It’s no secret that the VMS industry is growing. Turn your VMS business into a preferred business with Bullhorn’s best-in-class VMS time capture solution.

Increase Revenue

Staffing firm branches spend a lot of time and effort each week chasing timecards and client approvals. By automating this process with Bullhorn, you can get your branches back to revenue-generating activities.

Time & Attendance

Track more than just start and end times with a comprehensive data capture solution, all through a single interface. For companies that require time clocks, Bullhorn Time & Expense offers an array of time capture methods to fit any requirement or budget, including traditional clocks, web entry, to mobile clock solutions.


If you’ve ever had to track expenses, you know how difficult it can be without the appropriate tools at your disposal. Our expenses solution makes it easy and inexpensive to enter, approve, and manage company expenses.

VMS Time Processing

Our VMS Data Exchange functionality automates the flow of timesheet data from the VMS to Time & Expense, consolidating data in a single T&E system and eliminating man-hours spent manually exporting and importing data between systems.

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The key to success is understanding what the client wants as far as reporting and setting up your system accordingly. I like the way you can divide everything up—by department, shift, supervisor, whatever you want—and then pull the reports for your clients.
Jennifer McGilton Director of Sales at SelecSource

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