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Automatically Generate Invoices and Send to Clients

An invoicing solution purpose-built for staffing



With Bullhorn, attaching signed timesheets to invoices and emailing them to clients is easier than ever, helping your company avoid billing errors and get paid faster.

Choose between several invoice frequency options and customize parts of the process to support the varying demands of your clients.

You can even send multiple invoices at once. Accomplish more in less time by sending the invoice data to your accounting system automatically.

How Bullhorn Invoicing Can Improve Your Billing Process


Seamless Integrations

Immediately hook up invoicing to your Bullhorn ATS instance and time keeping solutions.

Highly Configurable

Customize the invoicing process and frequency to meet your clients' needs.

In Depth Reporting

Report on client billing history, gross margin by placement or business line, and more by connecting to Canvas, Bullhorn's reporting solution.

Fully Automated

Completely automate the creation and distribution of invoices - saving you time and money.

Streamline the flow of data into your accounting system
with Bullhorn’s invoicing solution


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