Save Time by Streamlining Manual Processes

By automating highly manual processes, your team will reduce wasted time, improve their margins, increase total placement volumes and maximize their agility.

Uncover Business Insights with Ad Hoc Reporting

Bullhorn’s reporting solutions give you the flexibility to run reports on every dimension of your business. Empower your operations team with true ad hoc reporting and data-driven insights.

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Take control over your entire onboarding process through electronic document management. Spend less time managing paperwork and create a seamless experience for your candidates.


VMS Integration

Automatically load jobs directly into the Bullhorn ATS and send all your candidate data back to your VMS. Automating this process allows recruiters to start working their jobs faster and avoid wasting time on jobs that are already filled – resulting in faster time-to-submit and increased fill rates.


Time and Expense

Capture, approve, and interpret time from all sources accurately and easily, with robust and flexible timekeeping.


Pay and Bill

Improve cash flow and consistently meet client billing requirements with a powerful invoicing engine to streamline invoice creation.


Ad Hoc Reporting

Transform your team’s activity into actionable business insights with configurable reports tailored to your specific goals and KPIs.

Bullhorn allows us to work faster, expedites placements, and has led to incredible growth. It’s really been pivotal to our growth. It has brought our office out of pre-historic times and into the technology of the future.
Jonathan Crane President, Integrity Staffing

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