While you may not think it, engagement starts the minute a candidate or prospective customer hits the ATS. By deploying a simple introduction email and call task, you improve your chances of building a better relationship and helping improve your employment brand.

Below is a sample workflow built in Bullhorn Automation to start engaging with newly sourced passive candidates. Start proactively engaging with new candidates on a personal level.

Why is engaging with newly sourced candidates useful?

  • Automatically trigger calls and emails when new candidates arrive
  • Candidate is immediately interacted with and can be ongoing
  • Helps track success rates per source
  • Automatic safety net if candidates fall through the cracks during the recruiting process

Key triggers & actions

The trigger to enter a newly sourced candidate campaign is the candidate’s source. For example, triggering criteria could be the following:

  • Source = Linkedin/Monster/CareerBuilder/Dice
  • Source = Referral
  • Source = Campus

These triggers can then kick off a set of actions. For new candidates, simply sending regular email with call tasks and setting a candidate status is all you’d need to do. Engagement starts when a candidate hits your ATS and continues throughout the recruiting process.

Key metrics

New candidates can be measured on what we call the basics. Those include:

  • Open rate
  • Click rate
  • Job view rate
  • Apply rate
  • Matches
  • Placements
  • Engagement score

You can use any of this information to trigger other automations like new applicant or top talent