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Founded in 1999 in Atlanta, Prestige Staffing began as a small, locally-run company. Today it has expanded to Austin, Chicago, Dallas, New York City, and St. Louis. Prestige Staffing serves the healthcare and technology industries with a variety of clients from small local businesses to large Fortune 500 companies. The award-winning firm has been included in the Inc. 5000 List of America’s Fastest Growing Companies (2013-2016) and Inavero’s Best of Staffing (2011-2017). Prestige Staffing has been a Bullhorn customer for over six years and uses Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Bullhorn Back Office, Bullhorn Onboarding, and Bullhorn Canvas.

The Challenge

Prestige Staffing was initially using MaxHire front office software for recruiting (before moving to Bullhorn’s front office after Bullhorn acquired MaxHire). Before automating their back office operations, employees were bogged down faxing paper timesheets, and contractors had to physically walk their documents down to their manager’s office for signatures. According to Doug Breunig, Prestige Staffing’s Vice President of Finance and Operations, the middle and back office processes upon which the company previously relied were lengthy and cumbersome. In those days, Prestige Staffing’s billing employee would “hole up in the conference room for an afternoon,” spread paper invoices and timesheets out across the table, go through and manually match up timesheets to invoices (since they were coming from two separate systems), and scan them back to herself where she could then email them out individually. “It was tedious,” says Breunig. As the business expanded to include hundreds of contractors and more than a hundred clients, these manual processes become increasingly error-prone. Breunig explains that it became “really tough to keep track of everything.”

The Solution

Bullhorn Back Office

With business growth and increasing demands on resources, the decision to add Bullhorn Back Office was obvious. According to Breunig, being able to leverage the billing capabilities was of paramount importance. “It was the pre-built integration with Bullhorn,” says Breunig. “We were already invested in Bullhorn, and we liked Bullhorn from the front office side.”

After the recession of 2008-2009, times were tough. The benefits afforded by Bullhorn Back Office enabled Prestige Staffing to keep up with a growing scope of work while keeping headcount steady. The new payroll and billing features in Bullhorn Back Office saved staff roughly a day and half of work each week. The operations team has thrived under this new process, now set up in Prestige Staffing’s offices across the nation. “Right now the process is so scalable that we’ve got 280 contractors,” Breunig states, “and we can easily double that and not put much extra burden on the back office staff.”

Currently, Prestige Staffing has around 70% of all contractors entering their time through Bullhorn Back Office. The vast majority of this work has been automated, saving huge amounts of time. Bullhorn Back Office also minimizes the chance of discrepancy. Before Prestige Staffing turned to Bullhorn Back Office, it took two full days for a team of four to process all of this data manually. The team can now roll out more responsibilities to the existing staff. Most importantly, Bullhorn Back Office has saved contractors the extra hassle of navigating manual administrative work that is highly time-consuming.

Prestige Staffing also recently replaced their old accounting system and adopted a solution from a payroll software company that was able to build an integration with Bullhorn Back Office. This integration exports timecards from the time module to the payroll software and eliminates the need for manual entry almost completely.

Bullhorn Onboarding

Before adopting Bullhorn Onboarding, Prestige Staffing struggled to keep up with its growing roster of contractors who were located in a variety of locations. It became increasingly difficult to get people to come in and fill out paperwork, and as Breunig says, “no one uses fax machines anymore.” For the company’s recruiters, too much of their time was being spent collecting paperwork and coordinating with the back office team to get all documents collected and faxed.

Many of Prestige Staffing’s candidates, who don’t have scanners, would have to go to an office supply store such as Office Depot to print and fill out paperwork by hand and then fax their documents over. Breunig is happy that they’ve been able to ease this burden for candidates. “When you’re not working,” he says, “and you’re at home, and you don’t have all of those office accessories that we take for granted—it’s a big time-saver for new contractors and a money-saver too.”

The onboarding process today is drastically different from the pre-Bullhorn Onboarding days when everything was manual. Prestige Staffing has a “Master of the Onboarding Dashboard” employee who handles payroll, HR, and all back office tasks. The new and improved onboarding process begins with an account manager entering a placement into Bullhorn’s front office software. Prestige Staffing’s Onboarding “Master” then views the placements, checking them for any errors and makes sure the overtime rates are adjusted correctly, and then she pushes them into Bullhorn Back Office. She sends out all the necessary paperwork and is able to ensure that everything is ready to go for candidates before they even start. Breunig is happy with the process and appreciates the software’s simplicity. “It’s almost like it doesn’t even need an explanation,” he says.  “It is so user-friendly and easy for people to use that they just get it.” He describes it as “very seamless” with “a short learning curve.” At the end of the day, says Breunig, “Online onboarding has been a huge benefit for our contractors.”

Right now the process is so scalable that we’ve got 280 contractors and we can easily double that and not put much extra burden on the back office staff. Online onboarding has been a huge benefit for our contractors.
Doug Breunig Prestige Staffing

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