Unlocking Business Growth: Connecting Candidate Experience to Value Metrics


Shifting candidate expectations and a lack of business insights have left staffing firms at a loss. So how can your team ensure you’re giving candidates an experience that is ‘good enough’?

The key is connecting value metrics to actionable insights. By building – and constantly improving upon – a series of connected experiences based on what matters most to talent, your efforts will then begin to have a compounding effect on your business. Soon, you’ll see more referrals, a more positive reputation for your brand, faster time to fill, and, ultimately, more leads. These wins build on each other over time and eventually gain momentum that fuels growth and efficiency.

Join Product Evangelist Andre Mileti and Director of Sales & Strategy Joe McGuire as they walk you through:

  • The key metrics that matter
  • How to take those metrics and build a narrative
  • How to drive success through this ‘flywheel’ approach

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