Candidate Engagement Strategies

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This is the step when a lot of companies tense up. Why? because it can seem daunting to put your thoughts down on paper (or screen) and continue to do so for the next xyz years. However, with a solid strategy, foundation and process, creating content for your candidate engagement program won’t be such an abyss.

Let’s look at a basic version of a content plan:

  • Determine the candidate persona
    Knowing who you’re sending to and what they’re interested in can propel content create to the next level. You should give your ideal candidate persona a name, interests, concerns and background. This will help you build content your ideal candidate would care about. You’ll likely keep it pretty generic; creating content that can help any job seeker progress in their journey. But, if you are a specialist that aims to attract candidates of a certain category, then you may craft industry specific content.
  • Coming up with topics
    Creating fresh content consistently is another speedbump for a lot of companies. Here’s a tip, reference your candidate persona and make a list of the things that are important. Then, take that list and brainstorm all the angles for 5 minutes, writing them down as you go. You should end up with 20-30 article titles which can be written and refined. Like most things, this gets better with practice!
  • Calendar
    An editorial calendar keeps your content flowing and gives your team a good idea on what’s coming. It’s a helpful organizational tool that keeps track of publish dates and distribution of new emails.
  • Creation
    The fun part – creating content. The content you create will likely be articles, but will also include email (the main touchpoint candidates will have with your brand) and perhaps longer form content like guides or whitepapers. The key here is to create content relevant to candidates.
  • Distribution channels & cadence
    As we mentioned earlier, email will be your main distribution vehicle, with a suggested cadence of every 3 weeks to start. There are also other channels to consider like social or niche article sites. For example, you could use an article in a nurturing email, then use the same article in posts to Twitter or Linkedin. Reuse your content whenever possible

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