Bullhorn Live 2014 – Get Ready!

With less than 24 hours until the start of Bullhorn Live 2014, everyone here at Bullhorn is gearing up for three days jam packed with speakers, networking opportunities, and fun!  Tweets from our attendees, vendors, and Marketplace partners seem to mirror our feelings of excitement and anticipation.  With this being my first Bullhorn Live conference, I plan to immerse myself in the innovative culture of the staffing and recruiting industry.  As I look over the schedule of events, I find myself becoming increasingly excited by the variety of breakout sessions.  Are you a beginner like me, eager to learn the recruiting tips you can start using in Bullhorn tomorrow? Or are you a seasoned recruiting professional hoping to learn how to implement a unified sales process?  Luckily, Bullhorn Live 2014 has something for everyone.

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your conference experience:

1. Build an agenda before arrival

With over 30 breakout sessions, 19 booths, 2 workshops, and 2 can’t-miss keynote speeches, Bullhorn Live 2014 can become overwhelming for even the most experienced conference attendees.  To help stay organized, look over the conference schedule ahead of time and plan which sessions you want to attend and booths you want to visit.  By creating a plan of action, you will avoid any post-conference regrets.

2. Utilize social media

Bullhorn Live 2014 is an interactive experience.  Using the Twitter hashtag #BHLive14, attendees can share key learnings during the conference.  Tweets using this hashtag will be shared on the conference website   – Live @ Bullhorn Live – as well as on screens around the conference.   In addition to the live Twitter feed, I will be live-blogging popular sessions and posting to the Live @ Bullhorn Live website.

3. Use your mobile device

Bullhorn Live 2014 has a mobile app!  There are two ways to get the mobile app.  First, you can download the mobile app using the QR code in the conference guide (QR scanner apps are free to download using your phone’s app store). Conversely, you can type “mobileevent” into your app store and download the Mobile Event app.  Open the Mobile Event app and enter “bhlive” as the Event ID.  The Bullhorn Live 2014 mobile app enables you to stay up-to-date with the conference schedule, speakers, map, and more.  Most importantly, it allows you to complete session surveys, which will help us continually improve the conference.

Bullhorn Live 2014 is more than just an impressive list of events.  Networking breaks provide you with an invaluable opportunity to connect with other professionals in the staffing and recruiting field. You’ll learn best practices not only from the sessions you attend, but also from the people you meet.  By using these tips and taking advantage of Bullhorn Live’s networking opportunities, you can maximize your conference experience.  I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Samantha McPhall.

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