My First Blog Ever! (from the President of the Florida Staffing Association)

There is a first for everything and so it is that I feel compelled to write my first blog in order to express my excitement about Bullhorn. Last year, as the owner of Auslin Legal Staffing, I converted our company to the Bullhorn platform. By doing so we also joined the “Bullhorn Community”, which has proved to be equally as important. In subsequent blogs, I will be sure to share with you the positive impact that this decision has had on the growth and overall quality of my business.

It is very rare that a Company can create a culture that is as inclusive and as “community oriented” as the way in which I perceive Bullhorn has done. Hence, I am very excited as a staffing company owner to participate in that Community. I am also equally enthusiastic about the fact that the Florida Staffing Association (“FSA”) of which I am currently the President of, is also a part of the Bullhorn community. I am quite proud to serve our industry in this capacity and just as Bullhorn has achieved a special kinship we too at the FSA have captured that same feeling of spirit and community mindedness. Thus, you can understand why I believe this is such a great alliance for both organizations. Last year the FSA had the good fortune to have Barry personally attend and speak at our conference–and needless to say he was very well received. This year Barry will be unable to address our Conference but Bullhorn has agreed to serve as a sponsor. The FSA looks forward to continuing, strengthening and mutually benefiting from our relationship with Bullhorn. That is probably way too long of a way to say “thank you” to Barry and Joe but I wanted to properly underscore my gratitude and enthusiasm to each of them!

For those who may be interested, the 19th Annual FSA Conference will be held from June 13-15th at The Radisson Worldgate in the Orlando area. The FSA iConference is now commonly regarded as one of the finest and largest State Conferences in the country and this year is shaping up to be our biggest and best ever! Contact me for details if you have an interest in attending–you won’t be disappointed!

All the Best, Brian Mangines

This Bullhorn Blog post was written by Brian Mangines, FSA President. 

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