What Do Recruiters Earn? New Infographic Explains

It’s no secret that money talks, but do we ever really listen to what it has to say?

When we conducted our annual Trends survey of 1,337 recruiting agency professionals, they gave us tremendously valuable data on their agency revenue, key metrics, sourcing strategies, and – for the first time ever – real compensation figures on for 2013. The latter was so interesting we turned it into its very own report. But in trying to see how staffing recruiters and staffing sales pros compare on the pay spectrum, and who earns more than whom, I think we’re glossing over something very important – this industry is, in general, very lucrative. The median annual salary in the United States for a professional with a college degree is $53,184. The average compensation for third-party recruiters (non-managers) according to our research? Approximately $74,000. At the recruiting manager level, that compensation jumps to $109,000.

Check out our new infographic on recruiting industry compensation trends. Note that these figures are averages, so you may earn more or less than what’s listed here based on your region, experience level, industry, and numerous other factors.

View the Infographic

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