Ask a Customer: What Small Gesture Makes a Big Impact with Staffing Clients?

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We love dishing out staffing advice—whether it’s how to best use Bullhorn or which KPIs you should use to measure your firm’s performance—but we’re not the only staffing experts in town. In fact, our customers are bonafide experts, too. In this series, we ask some of our most pressing questions to top staffing pros. See how to persuade your clients to increase candidate pay here.

How do you make your clients happy? Filling all their open reqs doesn’t hurt, but client management can be surprisingly complex. So complex, in fact, that improving these relationships are a top five priority for staffing professionals in 2019.

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Like with any other relationship, small gestures go a long way. But what really makes a difference and what’s just lip service? We asked our customers for their very best tips. Here’s what they had to say.

What small gesture goes a long way with clients and customers?

A thank you goes a long way with clients and customers. When you thank them for getting back to you on something or thank them for their participation, they feel like their contribution was valuable and know it did not fall on deaf ears.” — Daria Gourianova

Giving a phone call. It reduces misunderstanding and saves time.” — Cecile Lee

Sending food baskets to clients for the whole office for no specific reason.” — Bill Keiser

In an increasingly digital business ecosystem, old-school sales techniques still go a long way. Remembering a candidate’s birthday or that a client’s child had a major life event will do a lot to ingratiate you with the talent market that you serve. While it may seem that these “extra” steps have gone the way of the Dodo, tools like Bullhorn actually make it easier to log and track this information so you can follow up at the right time to make the best impact.” — Matt Brosseau

Remembering or referring to a personal discussion. During meetings and phone calls, some personal discussion will often occur. I always find that when a professional followup occurs, it goes a long way to reference the previous conversation e.g., “How was your daughter’s graduation” or “Did you have a chance to try that restaurant I told you about?” Without getting too personal, these details can make your client and/or customer feel unique. It shows them that you are not just another “number” and that you are paying attention to detail, which can translate into the quality of work.” — Christa Mancino

Responding to emails or calls quickly (within the same day). It’s a small thing but very appreciated.” — Marnie Pertsinidis

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