California Jobs Ads Must Now Include Payscales

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In September 2022, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill into law requiring companies with 15 or more workers to include pay scales in their job postings and provide them to employees upon request. This bill seeks to better identify gender and race-based pay disparities.

Click here to read the complete statement from The Office of the Governor.

This bill builds on a 2020 measure mandating statewide pay data reporting to identify patterns of wage disparity. As written in the official statement from The Office of the Governor, “SB 1162 expands state pay data reporting requirements, which include employee sex, race and ethnicity information, to cover contracted employees.”

What does this mean for staffing firms, and how can Bullhorn assist in your overall compliance and reporting strategy? We break it down for you below. 

Pay Scale on Job Postings

The pillar of this bill is including pay scales in job postings, and the Bullhorn ATS/CRM already enables you to add this information to your job records. You can ​​create a pay range field by adding a Text field to your job postings and labeling it as pay range. This will also allow you to search for this information whenever needed, such as when requested by an employee or as part of the interview process.

Bullhorn ATS customers also have the ability to capture the information in the ATS and display it using our Open Source Career Portal (OSCP).

To report on pay scales using the OSCP, follow these steps:

  1. If the OSCP has not been enabled, contact Bullhorn Support to start the process
  2. In the ATS, go to the Field Maps, add a custom field to the Job entity, and name it appropriately (e.g. “Pay Range” or “Pay Scale”)
  3. Using the information on our Github, the OSCP can be customized to display additional Job fields to show as “chips” on the posting to the right of the Job Title

EEOC Data Reporting

To accurately report against EEOC criteria, we suggest using Bullhorn’s Data Replicator. With Bullhorn’s Data Replication functionality, you can reliably replicate data outside of your ATS to allow for more advanced reporting to identify gender and race-based pay disparities.

If you’d like to learn more about accomplishing these tasks in Bullhorn, please contact Bullhorn Support.

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