Quarterly Release Roundup: Q4 2021

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With plenty of product updates each month, it can be challenging to keep up with what’s new inside Bullhorn. To make sure you’re up-to-date with the most recent enhancements, we’ve compiled a list of the top product updates from the last quarter so you can make the most out of your investment in Bullhorn. 

Read on for a roundup of the product updates and enhancements we released in Q4 2021. 

New Functionality in Bullhorn ATS & CRM

Bullhorn ATS


  • Entitlements Respected on Forms: Edit and Delete credential entitlements are now respected on the credential forms.
  • Custom Objects Access All Records: Custom objects can now access all records past the first 500 as expected.
  • PageContext Property: The pageContext property is now listed correctly on edit pages for Submissions, Placement Change Requests, and Candidate Work History, Candidate References, and Candidate Education.
  • Slideout Loads Correctly After SSO Relogin: When your session times out in Novo and you have a slideout open, the slideout loads correctly when you log back in.
  • Russia Date/Time Preferences: Russian users can now set their preferred date and time format in User Preferences. The Date Format field has the following new option:
    • dd.MM.YYYY HH:mm (ru-RU) if the private label uses 24-hour format without AM and PM
    • dd.MM.YYYY HH:mm AM/PM (ru-RU) if the private label uses a 12-hour format with AM and PM
  • Entity Record Counts Affecting Page Load: We have implemented a new “loading” animation to the related record count headers and allow the page to load before all record counts are returned. This should allow for faster page loads for entities with many related records.
  • Selecting/Deselecting When Filtering/Sorting File Lists: We enhanced the record selection process on the Novo files tab so that when users choose file records, the records will remain selected when paginating, filtering, and sorting. This will allow users to interact with these records and action on them across multiple pages and data sets. Please note that selecting records en masse and actioning on them is limited to up to 500 records.


  • Novo Tax Tab: Novo Tax Tab fields are now accessible in REST without needing First Party Access.
    • I.e., Any user can utilize this field, regardless of access type.
  • Candidate Search Filter: Conducting a candidate search by note action now correctly applies the note date added filter.
    • I.e., When you search for candidates and filter to include one note action and exclude another note action, the note date added filter will now apply to both.
  • Searching by Category/Specialty in OSCP: Searching by Categories/Specialties by name in the Open Source Career Portal now works as expected.
  • Federal, State, and Local Tax Info Available for Data Mirror: Data Mirror can now pull the federal, state, and local tax info from your database.
  • Page and Field Interactions Supported: We now support field interactions and page interactions on the federal, state, and local tax forms within the Tax Info tab.
  • Advanced Note Search: When performing a search using the “Does NOT Have” parameter, the search will correctly filter records that do not have the specified criteria.
  • Multiple Search Criteria Containing a Slash: Searching on a Contact list will now succeed when multiple search criteria are selected, and one of the search values contains a slash “/.”
  • Creating Merge PDF With .doc and .docx files: Customers using the Merge PDF feature can now successfully incorporate .docx and .doc files within the merged PDF
  • Logging Into Bullhorn Mobile via the Android App: Users can now log in to the Bullhorn Mobile App on the Android OS.

Product Updates for Bullhorn VMS Sync

Bullhorn VMS
  • Flex Mapping companyID Search Results: ATS IDs will now take priority on search results and be shown at the top. Sync will look up IDs not found rather than requiring a full mapping refresh.
  • Maestro VMS Integration: The Maestro by Medical Solutions VMS integration is now available.

Enhancements to Bullhorn’s Pay & Bill Functionality

Bullhorn Pay & Bill


Placement Job Code Displays as Job Code Title: The invoice line description will now display the job code title instead of the job code ID when summarized by Placement Job Code.

Rate Cards

  • Custom Fields on Placement Rate Card: Custom fields can now be added to Placement Rate Cards. The field formats are as follows:
    • CustomText 1-10
    • CustomInt 1-5
    • CustomFloat 1-5
    • CustomRate 1-5
  • Job Order Rate Cards Available: We now have Rate Cards available on Job Order along with other supporting features:
    • Ability to create an effective dated Rate Card on a Job Order.
    • Automatically flow the Rate Card down from the Job Order to the Placement .
    • Specify the status of the Placement Rate Card and allow only certain users to activate it.
    • The Placement Approval process now checks that an Active Placement Rate Card exists.
    • Available in DataMirror and Canvas.

Please reach out to Bullhorn Support to have this feature enabled.

  • Placement Rate Card Status Column: A Placement Rate Card Status column is now included on the Placement list view.
  • Status Header Icon: Placement Rate Cards now have a status icon helping to ensure rate cards are fully filled out.

Middle Office

  • Discounts and Earn Codes: A new flag has been added to allow Agencies to keep certain Earn Codes from being discounted. Non-Discountable earn codes will not need to be specifically omitted from the Earn Code picker on Company Discounts since flagged Earn Codes  will not be included  in discount calculations during invoice creation. Flagged Earn Codes will not have discounts added during billing sync.
  • Discount Fields Available in Canvas: Discounts can now be viewed under Placement Analysis and Company Analysis in Canvas.
  • Discount Rate Issues on Overview Page: Discount Rate issues can now be viewed from the Discount Overview page.
  • Generating PDF Invoice: Enhanced the ability for users to generate and preview an Invoice PDF.
  • New Entity for Placement Change Request: Time and Expense fields are now included when adding, editing, approving, or viewing a placement change request.
  • Timestamp Included in Prism Sync Field: The Date Last Payroll Provider Sync field will now display a timestamp along with the date on overview and list pages.
  • Add Legal Business Entity Object to Canvas and all Placement Tracks: Users will now be able to add Legal Business Entity to reports for Placements (all tracks).
  • Add Legal Business Entity to Billable Charge in Canvas: Users can now add Legal Business Entity to reports for Billable Charges.
  • Add Legal Business Entity to Payable Charge in Canvas: Users can now add Legal Business Entity to reports for Payable Charges.
  • Add New Earn Code Summary Variables for Invoice Footer: Agencies can now display the sum of total hours grouped by Earn Code type on an Invoice. Statement Template:
    • Table: Earn Code Totals
    • Variables: regularTotalHours, overtimeTotalHours, doubletimeTotalHours, otherTotalHours
  • Add isDiscountable to View Layout for Earn Code Group: Users can now see if an earn code is discountable on the Earn Code List. The indicator will be based on the Base Earn Code for that Earn Code Group.
  • Default Currency on Invoice Term Templates to USD: Users will now be able to hide the field map for Currency on Invoice Term Templates. The system default value will be USD, which is the same default used on the Currency field for Invoice Terms.
  • Custom Fields on Job Order Rate Card: Customers are now able to configure and interact with the following custom fields on the Job Order Rate Card entity:
    • CustomText 1-10
    • CustomInt 1-5
    • CustomFloat 1-5
    • CustomRate 1-5

These fields do not flow down to the Placement Rate Card by default; custom interactions will have to be set up in order for fields to flow down to the Placement Rate Card.

  • REST API Documentation for Effective Dated Entities: The Bullhorn REST API Documentation website now contains details on the Effective Dated Entities.


If you have additional questions about our recent updates or enhancements, make sure to explore our complete product updates on the Bullhorn Customer Portal.

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