August 2018 Product Release Highlights

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We’ve made some changes to our products to better serve the Bullhorn community! Here are a few of the improvements you can expect to see on S Release and Novo by the end of August. Visit the S Release or Novo product release notes for more details on these exciting updates.


Improved Web Response Notifications

S Release only

Our community requested some improvements to the notifications they receive when a candidate applies to a job so they could see the most relevant information right away. Our Web Response notification emails now include the source of the response and the published description of the job, rather than the internal description.


Bugs, Begone!

Downloading Files

Novo only

Rejoice! File names with commas can now be downloaded from Bullhorn without issue.

Using Picker Fields

Novo only

We heard that there were a few UI issues when you opened a picker field on records! Don’t worry, we made some minor changes so the picker will no longer cover the text box, it will remain where it is relative to other fields while you scroll, and it will automatically close when a new field is clicked.

Use Gmail? Install the New Bullhorn Add-On

Gmail users

Google is now requiring all integrated applications to be built using their Add-On framework, which means we’ve developed a new Bullhorn for Email Gmail Add-On! Make sure you install the new Gmail Add-On so you can continue to use Bullhorn in Gmail!


Many of our features and enhancements come directly from our customers. Do you have a product suggestion? Tell us!

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