September 2018 Product Release Highlights

September 2018 Product Updates

It’s that time of the month again where we begin rolling out new product updates and bug fixes. Read on to discover what you can expect to see over the month of September.


Bullhorn for Email Gmail Add-On

S Release & Novo
Based on customer feedback, we are releasing a number of updates to the new Bullhorn for Email Gmail Add-On, including better user alerts and duplicate record handling.

Request Consent, Faster Than Ever #GDPR

S Release & Novo
When you request consent from a candidate, contact, or lead, the email will now be sent within just 75 minutes! Previously, the email would be sent the next business day at 10am. As a reminder, this is only applicable to users who have the Request Consent user action entitlement enabled!

Fast. Faster. Files.

Novo only

We made a performance enhancement to the Files tab to help it load much faster on records with a large number of associated Files (looking at you, healthcare staffing firms).

Bug Fixes

Fast Find Correctly Displays More Than 15 Results

Novo only

Using fast find to search for common names was frustrating, because the results often got squished together. Not anymore! We now correctly space out results when viewing more than 15 results at a time.

Additional Fields added to Placement View Layout

Novo only

Administrators will be able to add more fields to the Placement “Details” card, including: customTextBlock 1-5, correlatedCustomTextBlock 1-3, and more! Click here to see the full list.
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