In this video, TJ McGoldrick, Vice President of Recruiting and Operations at Baer, discusses why his team spends most of their recruiting journey within Bullhorn.

Check out the video to hear McGoldrick discuss how Bullhorn Automation has empowered his team to be successful at every stage of the talent lifecycle. According to McGoldrick, Bullhorn helps his team save time by keeping all existing and new talent information in one place.

“We want our recruiting team to feel confident that the first place they should go look for candidates is in Bullhorn,” he said. “Not only are they working with existing candidates in Bullhorn, but through various automations, Bullhorn is bringing in new candidates and pre-qualifying those individuals for them.”


All aspects of our business utilize automation through texting, emails, tasks, reminders, and check-ins. We feel that automation isn't just a recruiting tool, but an overall business tool that keeps us connected across the business.
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TJ McGoldrick Vice President of Recruiting and Operations, Baer

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