Loyal Source, a staffing firm largely serving government clients, knew that phone and email outreach wasn’t working. Their candidates stopped responding to calls and were increasingly opting out of emails. With Baby Boomers aging out of the workforce and Millennials aging in, texting has become the preferred method of communication for more and more of Loyal Source’s contacts.

By integrating Bullhorn Messaging powered by TextUs with their existing Bullhorn ATS & CRM, Loyal Source improved their response rates, slashed sourcing time, and boosted productivity.

Bullhorn Messaging powered by TextUs helped Loyal Source provide more personalized customer service to their contacts through targeted broadcast text messages. Recruiters also strengthened relationships, responded more quickly, and were held accountable for their text communication through the Bullhorn + TextUs integration.

The Challenge

Loyal Source was seeing diminishing returns on their phone and email outreach.

Loyal Source provides staffing solutions for government contracts, placing top contingent healthcare, engineering, and IT professionals in all 50 states. The company has been growing steadily since 2009 but started to see diminishing returns on their phone calls and email outreach.

Loyal Source knew candidates responded to text messages and had tried single-user texting software in the past, but the team was searching for a better solution. The other texting tools did not track messages in Bullhorn ATS & CRM which created blind spots for tracking applicant communication. Loyal Source needed all recruiters to be text-enabled, and they wanted all text communication to be logged automatically in Bullhorn.

TextUs shaves at least a third off time spent looking for candidates. The Bullhorn dashboard allows our recruiters to be 50% more productive.
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Seth Fullerton Loyal Source

The Solution

With TextUs + Bullhorn, Loyal Source decreased time spent looking for candidates by 33% and increased overall recruiter productivity by 50%.

By implementing TextUs and integrating the texting tool with Bullhorn, Loyal Source did more than just boost their response rates from candidates. They streamlined their recruitment process, leveled up their customer service, and enjoyed greater team success.

Seth Fullerton, Director of IT Services at Loyal Source, sees TextUs + Bullhorn as an extension of Loyal Source’s “refuse to lose” motto. “When we saw our outbound call ratio jump to 8:1 or 10:2, we knew we needed to up our communication game. After all, if you’re not growing, you’re going,” said Fullerton.

TextUs helps Loyal Source get responses to most messages within three minutes. Compared to voicemails which have an extremely low response, if any at all.

With TextUs, their contacts respond to text messages in three minutes on average, while a voicemail has a turnaround time of four to six hours, if contacts return a call at all. “TextUs shaves at least a third off time spent looking for candidates.”

It also allows recruiters to give candidates the information they need to decide if they want to build a relationship with Loyal Source. “We put out a very short job description via text, about the length of a Tweet,” said Fullerton. “So, we give people exactly they want to know: what the job is, where it is, and how much it pays. That has been very effective for us.”

The company sends about 2000 texts per week through TextUs, which has become a crucial tool for Loyal Source’s continued success. “A carpenter is always going to have his hammer. Our recruiters are always going to have TextUs,” said Fullerton. “All it takes is just one day. Once our recruiters use TextUs, they never go back because the response rate is just so high.”


The Results

TextUs and Bullhorn work together to make Loyal Source’s recruiters more productive. With reliable, rapid responses to their text outreach, recruiters can quickly move through their database of available candidates, weed out the uninterested, and target the most likely matches. “In a single day, a recruiter can develop a good database of viable candidates just using TextUs,” says Fullerton.

With the Bullhorn interface, Loyal Source recruiters maintain all the relationships they began over texting. “The Bullhorn dashboard allows our recruiters to be 50% more productive because they’re able to juggle multiple conversations and accurately manage all the information that comes in over text.”

With text communication automatically logged in Bullhorn, Loyal Source has a reliable legal record to safeguard the firm if any complicated issues or disputes arise. As a company that serves many federal agencies, this protection is crucial. “The automatic population of the Bullhorn database keeps our team honest and all communications transparent,” said Fullerton. “Bullhorn + TextUs work together to keep our team accountable.”

Along with improving communication for the recruiters and for the organization, TextUs also enhances Loyal Source’s customer service to their leads, candidates, and clients. “TextUs empowers each of our recruiters to make their text outreach much more targeted than text tools we’ve used in the past.”

While TextUs facilitates personalized messaging, Bullhorn helps recruiters keep track of the kind of personalized information that builds strong relationships. “Staffing is a business built on trust,” said Fullerton. “Bullhorn keeps our recruiters organized so they get the details right—they’ll never ask the cat person about their dog or offer a New York position to someone who doesn’t want to leave the west coast.”

The integration also assists recruiters in responding quickly and knowledgeably to questions and concerns. “It allows us to be more attentive and that gives the candidate reassurance that we will be there if they have trouble,” said Fullerton.

“The phone demands our contacts stop whatever they’re doing to talk to us. But, with text, we can establish one-on-one relationships with contacts without interrupting their day,” said Fullerton. “TextUs allows us to give great customer service in 155 characters.”

TextUs allows us to give great customer service in 155 characters.
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