Maxim Healthcare Services is a national provider of a comprehensive suite of services. It has been making a difference in the lives of our employees, caregivers, and patients for 30 years. Maxim offers services including home healthcare, behavioral care, healthcare staffing, personal caregiving, and population health and wellness. Maxim’s commitment to customer service, compassionate patient care, and staffing experienced healthcare professionals has made them an established resource in the healthcare industry.

The Challenge

Before Bullhorn VMS Sync, Maxim was relying on manual processes to handle Vendor Management System (VMS) jobs. David Coats, Vice President of Strategic Staffing and Business Lines, explained the difficulties with this approach; “Before VMS, we worked through a Sharepoint site in which our teams based across hundreds of locations would have to manually enter job reports. This process was less than optimal for many reasons.” With so many different recruiters inputting these jobs, there was very little consistency or direction to streamline the VMS process. “We had hundreds of offices sending emails back and forth, all in different formats, all with a different scope,” says Coats. “It was messy.”

The Solution

When Maxim adopted Bullhorn VMS Sync, Coats’ teams moved away from slow, manual processes and toward a new level of efficiency: a system that captured job orders in real-time and automatically added them into their ATS. “Our job order count on the travel nursing side alone can be anywhere between 6,000-12,000 open orders at any time. I can’t even imagine how we operated prior to VMS Sync,” Coats said.

The Results

According to Coats, the adoption of Bullhorn VMS Sync has resulted in two incredibly valuable changes for the organization.

First, VMS automation allows Maxim to make decisions based on real-time data on the healthcare staffing market. “The biggest win for us is the market trends and having an accurate snapshot of what’s open and what’s not. You’ll never have real-time data without automation,” says Coats. “We can base our marketing spend or recruitment efforts on trends and forecasting through VMS Sync, which has been really helpful.”

Second, Coats has seen Maxim’s valuable employees able to reallocate their time toward more effective engagement. “We want our account management teams out in front of clients and driving relationships, not locked at their desks doing data entry,” Coats said. “Moving to VMS automation, I think we took 25% workload off of 100 different people. To me, that is extremely beneficial.” A role that was previously being filled by 100 different employees contributing varying amount of times moved to zero.

I can’t even imagine how we operated prior to VMS Sync. I think we took 25% workload off of 100 different people.
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