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Join bestselling author Dan Heath’s keynote session and don’t miss these sessions featuring Bullhorn leaders:

Sponsored by Bullhorn – Leading The Switch with Dan Heath, New York Times Bestselling Author

Why do some big changes happen easily while many small changes prove impossible? The answer hinges on some of the most fascinating findings in psychology. Our mind is divided into two different systems—an analytical mind and an emotional mind—that are often in conflict, particularly in situations of change. Building on this research, and based on the book, Switch, which spent 47 weeks on the New York Times best-seller list, Dan will reveal a simple, three-part framework that will help you change things in tough times.

All of us have things we want to change—in our families, our businesses, and our communities. Our goal might be as simple as losing a few pounds or as complex as changing the culture of an organization. Where do you start? And what do you do when you face resistance? This session is a must for any change leader who is struggling to make progress. Dan’s talk will give leaders the specific tools—and the inspiration—they need to make change happen.

Join us at the Bullhorn booth for a book signing of Dan Heath’s new book, Leading a Switch, directly following the keynote. 

Dan Heath
New York Times Bestselling Author

The State of Staffing Leadership: The Top Trends Defining the Future of the Industry

Tuesday, March 1st at 11:45 AM

In this eye-opening session, you’ll learn about the most pressing recruiting challenges and opportunities facing leaders today, and how the most successful leaders run their businesses. We’ll share industry data pulled from the 2022 Global Recruitment Insights and Data (GRID) survey of over 1,000 staffing leaders covering topics like digital transformation, talent engagement, and the skills shortage. You’ll walk away with the staffing insights you need to make smart decisions about your business and future-proof against competitive threats.

Gretchen Keefner
SVP, Global Enterprise

Jason Smith
VP, Enterprise Solutions
Leadership in a Remote Work World

Tuesday, March 1st at 2:00 PM 

Like it or not, remote and hybrid work is likely to be one of the most long-lasting changes brought on by the pandemic. The changes brought on by remote work have also been some of the most disruptive to traditional methods and strategies for organizational leadership with a whole new set of strategies, skills and assumptions required. In this panel we will explore the remote work lessons learned during the pandemic and examine what we will carry forward in the years ahead.

John Schroeder – Moderator
Managing Director Custom Research, SIA

Peter Linas – Panelist 
CPO & EVP, Corporate Development

Chad Lane – Panelist
President, Allegis Global Solutions

Alisia Genzler – Panelist
Group President & Chief Client Officer, Randstad

Tammy Browning – Panelist

President, KellyOCG
Covid Testing/Vaccine Management Solutions and Best Practices

Wednesday, March 2nd at 11:45 AM

Regardless of what happens with the Biden administration’s Vaccine Mandate, many organizations have proactively implemented their own vaccination policies which are placing a new and significant administrative burden on staffing firms.

Unsurprisingly, a new set of software solutions have emerged that can create vaccine passports, manage exemptions, organize and collect test results, screen for Covid symptoms, provide employee illness reporting, help identify and manage exposure risk and offer outreach for employee wellbeing.

This panel will discuss the technology available to automate these functions to reduce your administrative burden and the best practices to consider in order to remain compliant with your customer and legal requirements.

John Nurthen – Moderator 
Executive Director, Global Research, SIA

Gerald Hetrick – Panelist
VP, Talent Experience, Bullhorn

Tom Mehl – Panelist
VP Operations, Populus Group, LLC

Christopher Ryan – Panelist
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Avionte

Nathan Anderson – Panelist
VP, Product – Drug & Health Screening, Sterling

Join us for Bullhorn’s Bash at SMASH!

Join Bullhorn this Tuesday, March 1st at 7:30 pm at the iconic Austin location, Smash ATX, to kick off Executive Forum. Enjoy an open bar, classic Texas bbq, and ping pong!