The Loop Recruiting Story

Founded in 2015 when friends Jason Kennedy and Charlie Wall left their respective jobs in recruiting/HR and software to strike out on their own, Loop Recruiting offers a full circle of human resource solutions, including recruiting, staffing, and advisory services. Upon founding the company, Jason and Charlie focused mainly on the technology industry where they saw a gap in their local market. They’ve since expanded their operation to include the health care, industrial, financial, and consumer relations industries.

Loop Recruiting was in business for a month before they realized they needed a solution to properly maintain their growing business. They agreed that they would need an affordable system that could:

  • Go live and help the team ramp quickly
  • Streamline processes by cutting back on manual data entry
  • Provide flexible solutions with future growth options

After demoing several different solutions, they narrowed their search down to Bullhorn ATS & CRM and iCIMS. Third-party review sites helped guide Jason and Charlie in their final decision. “Hearing customers’ honest feedback was incredibly helpful during the decision-making process,” said Jason. “There are real users out there reviewing Bullhorn and it’s an accurate reflection of how the solution works for them.”

Ultimately, they decided that Bullhorn ATS & CRM was the best solution on the market. “We approach every business decision with sustainability and scalability in mind,” commented Charlie. “We are in this for the long haul. We wanted to ensure that we selected something that was not only streamlined and intuitive enough to have us up and running immediately, but also robust enough to support our growth and evolution as a company.” For Loop Recruiting, that solution is Bullhorn ATS & CRM.


Ramping up with Bullhorn

Bullhorn ATS & CRM has allowed Jason and Charlie to streamline processes from the beginning, providing overall efficiency and removing a lot of traditional start-up growing pains. “Implementation was painless,” said Charlie. “With software, training can often be a point of contention, but with Bullhorn it couldn’t have been easier. We received a dedicated trainer from start to finish. The quality of training and information we received was impeccableit really affirmed our decision to go with Bullhorn.”

The team at Loop Recruiting was able to get up and running on Bullhorn quickly. “Bullhorn has allowed us to ramp our business twice as fast,” said Jason. Jason also credits Bullhorn with providing peace of mind. “I know that Bullhorn works and all of our data is safely stored,” Jason remarked. “I don’t have to worry about it. I’m free to focus on more important things like growing my business.” The automatic data capture Bullhorn provides has saved them countless hours of data entry, allowing them to focus their time on increasing revenue. “Doing a 10-second scan of a resume and being able to search quickly has simplified our process and allowed us to place candidates more efficiently,” said Jason. “Additionally, the ability to easily and seamlessly post jobs to other sites within Bullhorn means candidates are seeking us out and not the other way around.”

The Future

In just a year since implementation, Loop Recruiting has experienced healthy growth. The team has already upgraded and expanded upon their Bullhorn package, recently upgrading to Enterprise edition, and adding Bullhorn Back Office and Bullhorn Onboarding solutions to their business as well. Of upgrading to Enterprise edition, the two stated their excitement over the reporting features, the transparency of Pulse, and the ability to get real-time NPS results from their clients.

“Features such as Pulse are real game-changers,” said Charlie. “It’s something we’ve just implemented, but we’re already seeing the power of Bullhorn’s predictive intelligence. Down the road it will be incredibly helpful to our business.”

The team at Loop Recruiting is excited to see what the future holds for both their business and for Bullhorn. Whatever may come, Jason and Charlie are confident that they have partnered with the right solution. “There is not a company out there with better support than Bullhorn—in any industry,” remarked Jason. “With Bullhorn releasing the best technology and providing us with the best customer support, our team feels unstoppable.”

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