For almost 10 years already, has been a multiposting specialist. We started out as an easy and straightforward solution for rapidly publishing job offers to multiple job boards. Over time, we’ve developed into a market leader in this important niche of the job market in the Netherlands and Belgium.

Of course, the market has evolved, and is demanding more and more from us as a service provider. In the past years, we have also evolved, in order to keep up with the changing market. We now offer a range of different multiposting methods, each based on the best possible posting, because over the past years, we’ve learned that a publication’s quality is much more important than its initial speediness. A posting of lesser quality will require more work afterwards, and, more importantly, will negatively influence the applicants’ experience.

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The best possible software on the market.

Both technologically innovative and adaptable to your needs. Flexibility of application for every company in (almost) every situation. Quality of the posting is the first and foremost concern; the speed of the follow-up process is a logical result.

Openness and transparency.

We give you the full story instead of half-truths. You will know in advance exactly what you can expect. Our goal is to create a long term relationship with every client. We can only achieve this through honest communication and by offering the best possible added value.

Our core business is linking other systems to ours. Not only job boards and Social Media, but other recruitment software as well. When necessary (and possible), we use third party modules to create additional value for you. is used by over 65% of the top-100 largest job posters.

Proven technologies and proven professionalism used by over 65% of the top-100 largest job posters. We are very thankful for this trust invested in us and strive to continue to live up to it.

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