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Why Document Automation is the Next Big Thing for Recruitment

September 24, 10am EST


The recruitment automation conversation has traditionally focused around communication and data, but what about paperwork? From risk mitigation to faster output there are many benefits that could mean that ‘documation’ is the next big thing for the recruitment sector. This session will explore how incorporating it into your strategy could help transform your business processes, and the client and candidate experience.

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Coaching your team remotely with Bullhorn

November 11, 10:30am EST


This session is designed to give you hints and tips on how to coach your team remotely with Bullhorn.

We will cover:

- Remote coaching methods

- How to benchmark against previous sessions

- How to give your team confidence that you’re always there to support them

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How AI Solves Contract Management Challenges


What would your business be like if it were 30% more efficient? Whether that's a reduction in contracting costs or the amount of time that you spend in your contract management process. Watch this webinar recording to discover how AI solves contract management challenges.

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When a Door in Staffing Closes, Look Out the Window


Watch this webinar recording from Checkr's Thought Leadership Series to discover some of the current challenges in the staffing industry, predictions for the future, and how to overcome and succeed.

Best Practices for Building a Human-Centric Candidate Experience


For years, technology has promised to transform the face of staffing. Leading firms are tapping into technology to enhance the candidate and client experience, while empowering employees to spend time on higher value, human-centric activities. Watch this roundtable to hear how Pridestaff is landing new clients, increasing efficiency, and improving candidate conversion by leveraging Checkr and Bullhorn technologies.

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Strategies for Hiring Safely in the New World Ahead


A key challenge for many staffing firms across the nation is how to navigate hiring safely and effectively post the COVID-19 pandemic. ​ This webinar will help you continue creating a foundation of trust and safety for your clients and your most essential resource, people.

More Trust = Less Stress: Corporate Brokers Case Study


Over time, Corporate Brokers found that their background screening partner wasn’t doing enough to help them facilitate the strong relationships on which the business depends. Discover how they enhanced communication and trust with faster, more streamlined background screenings.

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IntelAgree: Uncover contractual risks and opportunities with AI
IntelAgree is an end-to-end contract management platform that uses AI to automate the most costly and painful parts of your process. Discover the benefits that machine learning can provide to your staffing firm in this resource.
Checkr: TalentBurst Customer Story
Discover how TalentBurst, an award-winning provider of Total Talent Management Solutions, leverages Checkr'sfull system integration to optimize efficiencies, ensure compliance, and achieve high-velocity hiring with minimal time and overhead.
Understanding the Bullhorn Marketplace
Discover why top staffing firms leverage the Bullhorn Marketplace, how partners help solve core business problems, and how the Marketplace allows you to innovate with confidence and differentiate from the competition.
Spark Hire: Make More Placements with Video Interviews
Hundreds of recruitment agencies trust Spark Hire to make more placements and increase revenue. Discover how Spark Hire's comprehensive suite of features helps recruitment agencies improve how candidates are presented to clients.
Spark Hire: Staffing's Ultimate Guide to Video Interviewing
Video interviewing’s presence in the recruiting process has grown in recent years. Learn how your staffing firm can use it to screen candidates faster, better promote them to clients, fill openings faster, and grow revenue.
Marketplace Partner Toolkit
The Bullhorn Marketplace is home to a variety of solutions designed to help you improve productivity, drive results, and grow your business. This toolkit has everything you need to understand our open ecosystem and make the right investments for your firm.
IntelAgree: AI-Driven Contract Management for your Staffing Business
IntelAgree is an end-to-end contract management platform powered by AI. Our machine learning reads key terms, clauses, and dates in your contracts so your team can focus on impactful work, not busy work. Learn more about our Bullhorn integration in this resource.
Checkr: Allied Global Customer Story
Learn how Allied Global, a full-service recruitment, workforce and solutions firm, has used Checkr's tools, speed, and accuracy to help maintain long-term hiring partnerships and put people to work faster.
Spark Hire: How to Transition Your Staffing Team to Virtual Interviews
You can’t introduce virtual interviews and expect your team to immediately use the tool to its fullest potential. You need to account for a transition period while your staffing team learns the ins-and-outs of virtual interviews and all they have to offer. Here are the best approaches for transitioning your team:

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