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Recruiting Webinar: How to Improve Your Fill Rates

Haley Marketing Group

The staffing industry is facing a recruiting perfect storm of increased demand, reduced supply, and thanks to the stimulus, a strong incentive for people to remain on unemployment. Unfortunately, there are no silver bullets to overcome these challenges. However, there are many things you can do to improve your fill rates. Learn strategies for attracting talent, reducing ghosting, and getting more of your job orders filled.

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3 Strategies for Post-Pandemic Growth:


Despite the ongoing pandemic, staffing agencies are already plotting their route back to growth and profitability. But will it be “placements as usual”, or should agencies use this time to adopt technology, tap into new revenue streams and refocus their efforts? In this webinar Chris Conrad, VP of Sales for North America at Textkernel, and Jennifer Shorr, Assistant VP of Operations at Jacobson Group, discuss how agencies can improve their workflow and refocus attention on both candidates and customers in 2021.

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Automation, Marketing, and Sales Secrets for Staffing Firms

Great Recruiters

In this episode of the You Own the Experience Podcast, discover automation, marketing, and sales secrets for staffing firms with Billy Davis, the Director of Implementation & Customer Success of Herefish to Bullhorn

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Making the most of Bullhorn Credentialing

Kyloe Partners

Credentialing can be time consuming and complex but the compliance risk and reputational impact – not to mention patient welfare – of getting it wrong is huge. In this webinar, learn how healthcare firms can manage these risks by ensuring that workers meet liability, regulatory, and client requirements before submitting for placement.

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Go To Market with your Tech Stack with Brian Cunningham of Allen Recruitment

Great Recruiters

Besides their direct utility, how can you use staffing tools to tell a great story and win new business? Great Recruiters sat down with Brian Cunningham of Allen Recruitment to learn how to consistently grow your top line without adding headcount.

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Productivity Anywhere, Anytime with the Bullhorn Marketplace


How can you empower your team to stay connected, expand relationships, and maintain visibility in an ever-changing landscape? In this on-demand webinar, walk through the day-in-the-life of a recruiter and learn how with Bullhorn and key Marketplace partners can help you overcome common obstacles.

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Building Your Tech Stack: Lessons Learned from 3 Recruitment Leaders


The last few months have been turbulent to say the least. That being said, for some leaders, it has been a time to look at their organization, infrastructure, and processes in a different way. In this on-demand webinar, tune in for an open conversation about technology and process change with recruitment leaders from the US, UK, and Ireland.


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Best Practices for Enhancing Candidate Experience with Automation


For years, technology has promised to transform the face of staffing. Leading firms are tapping into technology to enhance the candidate and client experience, while empowering employees to spend time on higher value, human-centric activities. Watch this roundtable to hear how Pridestaff is landing new clients, increasing efficiency, and improving candidate conversion by leveraging Checkr and Bullhorn technologies.

Driving Contingent Workforce Success in 2021: Elevate Your Recruiting Process


Companies must quickly and safely rebuild their recruiting capabilities as they are looking into hiring contingent workers to fill their workforce requirements to kickstart growth in this changing environment. To drive this agility, staffing providers need to have an equally agile and flexible screening program to meet the needs of both talent and clients. Join staffing leaders for insights on trends, technology tools, and key recruiting strategies for a blended workforce.

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How to Get Automated Referrals with Bullhorn, Herefish, and Staffing Referrals

Staffing Referrals

Scale your referral program with the industry's first Automated Referral Management platform. In this webinar recording, you can discover tools and tactics to:

  • Automate repetitive tasks to save recruiters time
  • Get up to 57% more referrals
  • Improve the candidate experience
  • Track your referrals automatically in your ATS
  • Eliminate hours of paperwork

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How AI Solves Contract Management Challenges


What would your business be like if it were 30% more efficient? Whether that's a reduction in contracting costs or the amount of time that you spend in your contract management process. Watch this webinar recording to discover how AI solves contract management challenges.

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Solution Overviews

Hinterview: Video recruitment: what is it and how does it work?
Learn more about the video interviewing process, the technologies available to your staffing firm, and the benefits your staffing agency can see by implementing video recruitment into your recruiting process.
3DIQ: Partner Overview
DIQ for Bullhorn is a recruiter’s secret weapon. This powerful, fully-automated, resume submission platform cuts client response time in half and generates 10% more hires for your recruiting business. In this video, learn more about their solution:
Staffing Referrals: Overview Brochure
With Staffing Referrals, the first automated referral management platform, get up to 57% more referral leads from your current talent pool. Learn how you can source faster, recruit smarter, and automate tracking today.
IntelAgree: AI-Driven Contract Management for your Staffing Business
IntelAgree is an end-to-end contract management platform powered by AI. Our machine learning reads key terms, clauses, and dates in your contracts so your team can focus on impactful work, not busy work.
LogicMelon: Umbrella – Intelligent, pay for performance advertising
The recruitment market is tighter than ever. More jobs, less candidates and more demands on your time. So how can you get your jobs to the right people with the best guarantee of success?


Great Recruiters: Experience Management - Regaining Control of Your Reputation
In this on-demand webinar, Great Recruiters will explores why experience management matters, how internal and external factors disrupt quality experiences, and the benefits of controlling the experience.
Sterling: Beyond COVID-19: The Future of Background Screening and Identity Verification
Learn best practices and recent developments in background screening and identity verification in the staffing industry, including 4 key areas to help staffing companies deliver trust, safety and compliance, while improving the candidate experience:
Spark Hire: Make More Placements with Video Interviews
Hundreds of recruitment agencies trust Spark Hire to make more placements and increase revenue. Discover how Spark Hire's comprehensive suite of features helps recruitment agencies improve how candidates are presented to clients.
Mya Systems: How Much Can Conversational AI Save You Annually?
Candidate sourcing and screening is not only tedious — it’s costly. With the right tech implementation, you can be saving your team’s precious time and budget, all while improving your candidate experience.
Understanding the Bullhorn Marketplace
Discover why top staffing firms leverage the Bullhorn Marketplace, how partners help solve core business problems, and how the Marketplace allows you to innovate with confidence and differentiate from the competition.
Marketplace Partner Toolkit
The Bullhorn Marketplace is home to a variety of solutions designed to help you improve productivity, drive results, and grow your business. This toolkit has everything you need to understand our open ecosystem and make the right investments for your firm.
SourceBreaker: Business Development Toolkit
Business Development is the top priority for 94% of agencies in 2021, yet 56% of agencies don't have a company wide strategy. We’ve created a toolkit that includes a guide for BD practices, webinars with leading recruitment trainers, and articles with tips and tricks, and more.

Customer Success Stories

Checkr: Allied Global Customer Story
Learn how Allied Global, a full-service recruitment, workforce and solutions firm, has used Checkr's tools, speed, and accuracy to help maintain long-term hiring partnerships and put people to work faster.
IntelAgree: How Triple Crown Consulting is Gaining 3x More Contract Efficiency
In the world of staffing, time is money. When Triple Crown Consulting saw an opportunity to free up time for its legal, sales, and recruiting teams, it decided to overhaul its manual contract management process.
Sourcebreaker: Get Rookies up to Speed Faster, Give Senior Consultants More Time to Sell and Uncover Candidates Hidden in Bullhorn
Premier Group an IT, Engineering and Digital recruitment firm use SourceBreaker to boost their success in being the first to source candidates and clients across their UK and US offices.
Checkr: TalentBurst Customer Story
Discover how TalentBurst, an award-winning provider of Total Talent Management Solutions, leverages Checkr'sfull system integration to optimize efficiencies, ensure compliance, and achieve high-velocity hiring with minimal time and overhead.
3DIQ: Boost Candidate Placements with 3DIQ
Discover how 3DIQ worked with their client, a national design and manifacturing company, to spark higher engagement and boost candidate placements.
cube19: How Soliant Health manages 500 sales staff with cube19 analytics
cube19 sat down with Ron Washburn, Executive Vice President at Soliant Health, to hear how they effectively scale & accelerate new starters by providing personalized insights at the desk-level, and the insights that cube19 gives them to create a strategic advantage.

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