With SEEK, recruitment agency professionals can post, update, and expire SEEK job ads directly from Bullhorn, enabling these agencies to increase traffic to their websites and parse web applications automatically. It affords tremendous competitive advantage to agencies that benefit from being customers of two of the largest and most well-established recruitment solution providers in Australia and New Zealand.

Category: Search and Match
Location: Asia Pacific
Platform: Bullhorn

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Publish Jobs From Within Bullhorn

Post, update, and expire SEEK job ads directly from Bullhorn with an easy-to-use workflow.

Job Seekers Can Find Your Job and Apply

Once the job is published on the SEEK portal, applicants will have the ability to search for and apply to the job. As part of the SEEK application process, the applicant will provide their name, email, phone, and/or CV. The applicant information is then passed onto Bullhorn and will be visible and accessible in the Bullhorn system.

Web Applications Parsed into the ATS Automatically

After a job seeker applies to your job on Seek.com, they are parsed into the ATS automatically, and recruiters are notified by email. Additionally, these web responses are available in Bullhorn so recruiters can take immediate action.

There is no additional service or product charge from Bullhorn. For more information and to immediately enable the integration for your company, please contact Bullhorn Support.

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