Motion Recruitment Selects Bullhorn Connect to Help Meet the Needs of the Candidate of the Future

The Digital Talent Experience Solution Will Help Motion Harness Mobile Self-Service as a Competitive Differentiator


BOSTON – September 28, 2021: Bullhorn, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced that Motion Recruitment, one of the top twenty largest technology staffing companies in the United States, has chosen Bullhorn to empower Motion’s candidates to maximize their experience through the use of a unified, self-service, mobile-first candidate experience solution: Bullhorn Connect.

First announced in June of 2021 at EngageX, Bullhorn Connect combines registration and onboarding, time and expense, job and interview status, payment information, credentialing, and Bullhorn Marketplace partner integrations to enable background checks, video interviewing, and much more. Bullhorn Connect is designed to give staffing firms total control in building a cohesive and engaging candidate experience, facilitating scale, growth, and candidate loyalty.

Motion Recruitment, whose reputation for innovation and candidate experience is widely celebrated, has been a pioneer in using technology to optimize service levels and quality for both candidates and clients. As such, the company has been a customer of Bullhorn since 2016. In July 2020 they selected Bullhorn’s enterprise-focused start-to-finish platform, Bullhorn One, to light their path to digital transformation in an increasingly candidate-led market. They also invested in Bullhorn VMS Sync and Submittals for an automated closed-loop VMS-ATS integration, and also purchased Herefish by Bullhorn for candidate nurture and engagement.

According to a recent survey by Bullhorn of more than 1,000 temp workers, almost half of all respondents search for jobs primarily on their mobile device. Additionally, 56 percent cite the ability to apply for a job by their mobile device as an important part of their work lives, and 55 percent want the flexibility to choose jobs that work with their schedule. Understanding the need for a candidate self-service product that would enable candidates to have control over their work future, Motion had initially begun building some of the individual components of a candidate experience, but was excited to leverage Bullhorn Connect when it was announced in June.

“At Motion, we’ve seen the power of digital transformation when it comes to the candidate experience, and we’ve been talking about building something similar to Bullhorn Connect for the last few years,” said Mandy Walker, Executive Director of Marketing at Motion Recruitment. “Rather than go through the effort to build internally, we’re excited to use Connect to enhance our candidates’ experience while ensuring a seamless experience within our existing systems.”

Motion Recruitment has undergone explosive growth in the past several years, underpinned by their commitment to agility, customer service, and innovation in the midst of tremendous changes for large buyers of labor and the proliferation of new work models. Matt Milano, Motion’s president, has long adopted a “Bullhorn-first” mentality, in which he views Bullhorn as a dedicated partner in his company’s digital transformation journey.

“We believe in the power of the Bullhorn platform,” said Matt Milano, “and how it can transform our internal, candidate, and customer experience. Bullhorn listens to our needs and anticipates changes in the industry, providing solutions that address real needs and enabling us to stay true to our goals of agility, credibility, and devotion to our customers, our craft, and the tech industry overall. Motion has always strived to be one step ahead in the industry as far as understanding  that technology can unlock vast human potential, and that efficiency results in better-quality service delivery. Bullhorn is a great partner to us in this approach.”

“We can’t express how excited we are to partner with Motion to help accelerate their next phase of growth,” said Jason Heilman, SVP of Product, Automation and AI, at Bullhorn and the co-founder of Herefish by Bullhorn. “Motion is already far ahead of the industry in creating a great candidate experience via automation; this next step will further empower their talent to take ownership of their future.”

As a crucial component of Bullhorn’s three-pronged digital staffing platform-as-a-service offering, alongside Herefish by Bullhorn for process automation and Bullhorn One for digitization of data, Bullhorn Connect directly addresses the adoption challenges that prevent staffing firms from effectively engaging with and empowering their talent. Specifically, relying on recruiters to tell talent that a mobile app exists is cumbersome, but the seamless integration between Bullhorn ATS and Connect enables events in a staffing firm’s database to automatically drive people to the app – encouraging adoption and reducing manual work.

By providing a mobile-first Digital Talent Experience built for the needs of the modern candidate, Bullhorn and Motion are demonstrating the power of a platform-based approach to transforming the way the staffing industry delivers value.

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