Hiring a new recruiter is a major risk. It requires a huge investment of time and money, and it could cost your firm thousands of dollars if a new hire doesn’t pan out. It’s up to you to help your recruiters reach their full potential.

As a manager, you’re charged with increasing placements and revenue, but very few companies can afford to solve that problem by simply hiring a slew of new recruiters to pick up the slack. Most managers have to find alternative ways to grow revenue.

In this new e-book, 3 Ways to Increase Your Recruiting Team’s Productivity, Bullhorn and InsightSquared will show you three proven ways to drive your firm’s productivity without incurring the costs of hiring and training new recruiters:

  • Improve Your Process with Activity Ratios
  • Analyze Your Candidate Source Values
  • Use Win Factors to Prioritize Job Orders

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