What is happening?

Bullhorn has acquired Sirenum.  As part of Bullhorn’s strategy to help digitize, automate, and help transform recruitment businesses that use Bullhorn for Salesforce, Sirenum will become a critical part of helping firms transform their businesses through innovative shift scheduling and workforce management to improve candidate experience and recruiter efficiency.


Who is Sirenum?

Sirenum helps organizations meet the evolving needs of the rapidly expanding dynamic workforce by putting the right person in the right place at the right time and paying them the right amount. Its technology leverages mobile and the cloud to streamline the management of part-time, temporary, and hourly workers. Built from the ground up to handle the complexity common to temporary staffing agencies, Sirenum helps these organizations in scheduling shifts, monitoring staff, and other workforce management processes. With Sirenum, employers drastically reduce costs while growing revenue, increasing staff utilization, and improving health and safety.


Why is Bullhorn making this acquisition?

This acquisition bolsters Bullhorn’s endeavor to help its large European recruitment customers navigate through the journey of digital transformation – first by digitizing data through the Bullhorn for Salesforce platform, which provides a single system of record, second by automating complex recruitment processes such as shift management and regulatory compliance, and third by harnessing the power of artificial intelligence for better business decision-making and business transformation. Sirenum addresses these steps to digital transformation by helping automate key business processes such as shift scheduling and workforce management.  The addition of Sirenum to Bullhorn for Salesforce is strategically well-aligned with the company’s goal of being a trusted partner to the recruitment industry and helping its customers reduce manual labor while increasing ROI and recruiter productivity. The company represents a best-in-class solution to complement and optimize the value of Bullhorn for Salesforce.


What will happen to Sirenum’s products?

Sirenum is a leading provider of shift scheduling and workforce management solutions to European recruitment agencies using Salesforce, and its solutions will help Bullhorn for Salesforce customers in Europe improve their scheduling and shift management, compliance in complex regulatory environments, and optimization for workforce deployment. Bullhorn will increase its investment in building out these products and integrating them into the Bullhorn for Salesforce platform.


How does the acquisition benefit Bullhorn for Salesforce customers? 

The acquisition is excellent news for Bullhorn customers on the Salesforce platform. Bullhorn’s proven experiences with successful acquisitions, where we have not only retained but also invested in the growth of products and best practices at the acquired companies while universally increasing service levels, speak well to the power of integrating a best-of-breed solution provider like Sirenum with our company.


Bullhorn is excited about the promise that Sirenum provides for large European recruitment firms using Salesforce as the backbone of their business, some of whom already use Bullhorn for Salesforce. Sirenum’s shift scheduling and workforce management solutions are both popular and very well-suited for the European market and help recruitment firms make the most of the investment in the Bullhorn for Salesforce platform. And for Bullhorn for Salesforce customers, having access to a best-in-class shift scheduling and workforce management solution now fully integrated with their front office means a better ability to grow and scale their businesses.


With Bullhorn behind Sirenum, customers will be able to leverage best practices and significant resources to deliver what customers need to achieve their business goals. Bullhorn’s acquisition of high-potential companies like Sirenum has historically been very good news for the acquired company and its customers. Bullhorn’s last corporate acquisition was in January of 2020 when it acquired Herefish, a provider of automation and candidate experience solutions. Like Sirenum, Herefish was a best-of-breed staffing software provider with a proven track record of excellence and numerous joint customers. Since being acquired by Bullhorn, Herefish has seen its revenue increase by 350% percent, growing from 100 customers to 450, now automating 2.3 million interactions daily on the Herefish platform, and saving customers more than 1.5 millions hours of administrative work per month. Most importantly – when Bullhorn acquires a company, it amplifies that company’s market reach, meaning that more staffing agencies get the benefit of leveraging those solutions to grow their businesses. We anticipate the same trajectory with Sirenum by Bullhorn.


How does this acquisition benefit Sirenum customers?

This is also great news for Sirenum customers. We will ramp up investment in Sirenum’s solution, which means Sirenum customers reap the benefits of the solution they use being backed by Bullhorn. Becoming part of the Bullhorn family means access to a total pool of over $40 million in annual R&D and technical operations expenditure, a strong delivery engine and experience delivering enterprise projects at scale, and culture of innovation, including investments in cutting-edge artificial intelligence research and technology.


Are there any planned organizational changes?

The organization will be integrated into Bullhorn. Sirenum employees will be offered the opportunity to work remotely or out of Bullhorn’s European headquarters in London. Additionally, the product will now be known as Sirenum by Bullhorn.


Will the management team from Sirenum be staying with Bullhorn?

Yes, Joshua Pines will be joining the Bullhorn extended leadership team to continue to serve Sirenum customers and build relationships with Bullhorn customers.


Where do I go for Support or account management questions and assistance?

You should continue to use the same methods you do today to interact with the Bullhorn for Salesforce Support team. For account management questions, please contact your existing account manager for any immediate needs.


Will any of my points of contact change and whom do I contact with questions?

Your points of contact at Bullhorn will not change.


When can I buy Sirenum by Bullhorn solutions?

Please reach out to your account manager who will be happy to assist you with purchasing Sirenum by Bullhorn solutions.