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Staffing pros share their ideas, insights, and expertise on a range of industry-related topics with Bullhorn’s Content Marketing Director, Katie Tierney.


Ryan Borra, Brightwing


Lauren Schuman, Pyramid Consulting Group

Quick Takes

If you build a great culture, people will want to be there.

- Gary Cook, Pacific Companies

Staffing also makes sense. It touches everybody. Everyone needs a job at one point.

- Steven Branstetter, Crawford Thomas Recruiting

Cultivate relationships that go beyond job searches.

- Wendy Kennah, Procom

Create a sustainable candidate engagement strategy that works for your firm.

- Robin Mee, Mee Derby

Recruiting has always been a relationship-driven business.

- Jason Kennedy, Loop Recruiting

Staffing firms should care about their candidates beyond the job order.

- April Pish, Update Legal

The coolest moments are the ones when you see all of these awesome people, showing their care and taking so much pride in the business you’ve worked so hard to create over the years.

- Todd DeMarco, Prodigy Resources

We're here to help people make dreams happen.

- Ryan Borra, Brightwing

An ATS/CRM is the most essential technology for staffing firms looking to innovate and thrive in the industry.

- Carl Foster, Queen Consulting Group

If you can’t develop a process and stick to it, you’re not going to make it in staffing.

- Jori Blumsack, Vesume Group

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