How Can Video Interviewing Give Your Staffing Firm Competitive Edge?

Did you know, 59% of executives agree that if both text and video are available on the same topic, they are more likely to choose video? This makes video a pretty compelling way to present information of any type. By implementing video interviewing, your firm can create more engaging conversations with candidates and stand out from the crowd.

Video interviewing incorporates candidate autonomy, modern processes, custom branding, and client feedback through the use of two types of video interviews: one-way and live. In a one-way video interview, a candidate responds to a list of questions in a pre-recorded video that is sent back to your firm. On the other hand, a live video interview is a two-way interview conversation that’s automatically recorded and hosted in a private, custom-branded interview room.

With both types of video interviews, your staffing agency will have the chance to personally connect to candidates much faster than in the traditional hiring process. Interview recordings can be easily shared with clients for feedback, leading to a more efficient process with effective placements.



Hinterview is the leading video engagement platform built by recruiters, for recruiters. They enhance the way you recruit by providing world-class video tools, giving your consultants a USP that ensures they work as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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interviewstream connects recruitment teams to quality candidates through digital interviews. Video, voice, and written interviews reveal key candidate communication and personality skills earlier on in the selection process, helping organizations discover top talent, while reducing time to hire and costs associated with interviewing.

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Used by thousands of recruiters worldwide, Odro‘s industry-leading video interviewing platform was developed specifically to help agencies to increase revenues. The most innovative solution on the market, their award-winning software will help you engage more talent, reduce time to hire and, most importantly, win more business.

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Spark Hire

Spark Hire, the #1 video interviewing platform with more than 5,000+ customers, helps users efficiently connect with their candidates and improve how these candidates are marketed to their clients. The result is a distinct competitive advantage, more placements, and increased revenue.

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