Bullhorn’s New Offerings Improve Candidate Relationships

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Yesterday, Bullhorn announced new product capabilities to help staffing and recruiting firms grow their businesses through improved candidate relationships and increased efficiency throughout the recruiting lifecycle. Bullhorn is proud to introduce candidate insights with Bullhorn Pulse and faster candidate submissions with Bullhorn VMS Access Slingshot. With these innovations, Bullhorn continues to move the staffing industry forward by helping firms to fill more jobs and build deeper engagement with candidates.

According to Jonathan Novich, General Manager, Staffing at Bullhorn, “Our innovative new features create the most advanced solution on the market today for recruiters by making it easier for them to build and maintain stronger candidate relationships and to automate the recruiting lifecycle from requisition to placement.” Bullhorn Pulse, already a radical difference maker for companies seeking relationship insights, has been expanded beyond customer insight to also offer insights into candidate relationships. Pulse achieves this for its users by automatically mining email (and other communications) and analyzing them in real time.

As a result of its impressive benefits for those in the staffing and recruiting industry, Bullhorn Pulse will be featured during the “Hot Tech: The Top 10 Features to Hit Staffing in 2015” panel at the American Staffing Association’s annual Staffing World on Wednesday, October 28 at 2:30 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Bullhorn VMS Access already automated the data integration and workflow for capturing job openings with more than 350 of the world’s largest companies. Now, with the introduction of VMS Access Slingshot, Bullhorn has solved the second half of the VMS equation by enabling firms to automate several steps involved in submitting and tracking high-volume submissions.

With Bullhorn VMS Access Slingshot, recruiters at VMS-focused staffing agencies can save up to 75 percent of the time they usually devote to VMS. Companies using Bullhorn VMS Access and Slingshot can increase candidate communications, win more business with faster submissions, and dramatically improve productivity.

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