Can an Applicant Tracking System Be Easy to Use?

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Let’s get this out of the way early: the answer is yes. Of course an applicant tracking system can be easy to use. But in the current staffing landscape, it can be difficult to find a provider that devotes as much time to the user experience as it does to its system’s core functionality. Even worse, we’re only now leaving a period of time (from 1990 to 2010) that Bullhorn’s SVP of Global Services, Danielle du Toit, described at Engage 2015 as “The Age of Information.” Many of today’s applicant tracking system providers are relics of this age. They continue to push loads of indigestible information down the throats of their users despite the world’s obvious shift into “The Age of the Customer.”

What does it mean that we’re in “The Age of the Customer”? As du Toit put it, today’s customers live in a world where they “not only have opinions, but also a voice” and they’re “empowered with freely available information to find the best solutions for their problems.” Many applicant tracking system providers fail to grasp this – instead, they cobble together as many possible data points as they can and throw them at their users all at once in an incomprehensible jumble of tables and graphs.

It’s one thing to have the ability to show your users the information they want to see. It’s another (inadvisable) thing altogether to make sweeping assumptions about the information your customers want. This kind of overloaded interface can also lead to a difficult and confusing search process for any information that’s not immediately obvious.

Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system is designed to work the way you work, with integrated email access and LinkedIn Recruiter integration helping to keep your team’s users working within the ATS environment. Peerless search and match functionality makes it easy to find important contacts, and Bullhorn’s automated data capture will keep your records up-to-date. Perhaps most importantly, the search and reporting functions can both be customized and filtered to show your users exactly the information they need to be at their best. Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system gives users a personalized recruiting experience made specifically for “The Age of the Customer.”

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