Take Bullhorn’s 6th Annual Staffing and Recruiting Trends Survey!

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For the 6th consecutive year, Bullhorn will determine the most important staffing and recruiting trends of 2016 with its annual North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Survey. We want your opinion on pivotal industry opportunities and challenges for recruiting firms in 2016, and we want to know how your firm performed in terms of key metrics like fill rate, time-to-fill, and total placements. How does your firm’s compensation compare to that of your competitors? How important is technology to your firm’s success?

From hundreds of data points like these, we’ll be able to find the most significant developing trends for the coming year, giving your firm a valuable glimpse into the future. Last year, we found that:

  • The smallest firms (those with 10 or fewer recruiters) get the most value out of social media sourcing
  • 79% of respondents in the manufacturing industry reported a shortage of skilled candidates
  • On average, firms specializing in temporary staffing generated 73% of their revenue from repeat client business, while firms that focused on permanent placement drove only 60% of their revenue from returning clients

The survey is now closed – look for our findings on 2016 Staffing and Recruiting Trends this January.

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