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In our personal lives, we are extremely reliant on data to create a level of certainty for ourselves. Mobile phones are used many times a day to check the weather, train times, the news, maps and more. This level of data is not easily accessible or available in our business world which causes an unacceptable level of uncertainty.

The lack of real-time information available to recruitment businesses is impacting decision making and their ability to grow.

The recruitment industry has 3 main challenges:

  1. Margins are constantly getting squeezed
  2. Retaining top staff
  3. Under pressure to increase GP per head

Having the right information available, at the right time, to make the right decision, helps us to overcome these challenges.

cube19 is a Growth Analytics Platform which provides staffing firms with the data needed to help identify and overcome their main barriers to growth. Here’s how Growth Analytics can help you optimize your two main assets – your people and your data.

Boost consultant focus

A visual dashboard demonstrating where consultants are against preset KPIs provides a great level of focus. With no margin for doubt, consultants know exactly what is required and expected of them, this improved clarity has a positive effect on their KPI performance.

Motivate your recruiters and salespeople

This transparency enables productivity to rise which in turn enhances motivation. Motivate your team further by encouraging competition using leaderboards. cube19 uses cubeTVs to display leaderboards highlighting the top performers.

Improve data quality

As the dashboards and leaderboards display real-time data, consultants have great incentive to complete the database accurately and in a timely manner. This improves the data quality you have available to you in order to make data-driven decisions.

Enhance management insight

It is not just the consultants that benefit from having greater visibility of the status quo. Using Growth Analytics, managers will be able to see how not only individuals are performing but how different teams and offices are performing against multiple metrics in a snapshot.

This is invaluable and allows for quick data-driven decisions to be made and for intervention when required to ensure targets are hit. Within cube19, this information is available in a few clicks, without having to make several phone calls and complete excel spreadsheets of inaccurate and instantly dated data.

Understand true client value

Your top client may well pay you the most but are they the most profitable? Understanding how much time and resource you use on each client is key. With the same effort could another one of your lower performing clients become a top client? With the cube19 Growth Analytics Platform, you have real-time access to this information.

cube19 offers a Jobs Pipeline module that guides users by showing how quickly, efficiently and frequently they are introducing placeable candidates to their clients, as well as automatically analyzing important related metrics such as how soon after receiving the job requirement the first candidate was submitted and the speed at which they are moving candidates through each stage of the recruitment process.

Analyze your job board efficiency

Improve your profit margins and make placements faster by analyzing your job board efficiency. Don’t waste money on job boards that are not producing placeable candidates for you and increase your budget with those that are. Using Growth Analytics, you can analyze this information by the client to see where the candidates you placed with each client has come from. This invaluable insight allows you to streamline the process in the future for clients, making cost-effective placements faster.

Enhance reporting

Using a Growth Analytics tool, reporting can be completed at the push of a button. You can be assured that the reports are accurate based on the significantly improved data that the consultants are now completing based upon the real-time data being visualized in dashboards and leaderboards.

Make data-driven business decisions quickly

With accessible, accurate data available to you, data-driven business decisions can be made quickly eradicating the need to rely on gut instinct. Gut instinct is not scalable and becomes harder to rely on as a business grows and expands.

As cube19 is fully integrated with Bullhorn, their customers can take full advantage of the cube19 Growth Analytics Platform that will enable them to improve the underlying data quality, consumption and use of data by staff at all levels of a company, and make business decisions to give them a competitive advantage.

About cube19: Whatever your growth objectives are, cube19 provides the platform you need to make brilliant data-driven decisions at all levels of your business. Whether you are building board reports, analyzing your clients, optimizing the recruitment process, exploring historic trends or devising and measuring plans to improve the performance of your teams, you can find the answer in a matter of seconds with cube19, the only Growth Analytics Platform for the global staffing industry. There is no reporting functionality in the market that gives you the combined depth, flexibility, and speed of cube19.

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