Who’s Taking the Stage at Engage 2017?


We are thrilled to announce the first 10 speakers taking the stage at Engage 2017.

We searched far and wide for the top experts on how to engage customers, candidates, and employees, and we think you’re going to be pretty excited about who we found.

The speaker roster is full of innovators, business leaders, authors, disrupters, and experts in their fields. You’ll see a staffing veteran with over 35 years’ experience, the host of a popular business leadership podcast, a Forbes contributor, CIOs, CEOs, and more!

More than 30 innovative business leaders will take the stage at Engage 2017, and this is just the first lot of them. Stay tuned for the full lineup.

So, without further ado, see the first 10 speakers coming to Engage 2017 and read a little snippet about what you’ll learn at their session.

Paul Blanchard, a media personality, Managing Director of Right Angles, and the host of the Media Masters podcast, has interviewed hundreds of legendary business leaders, including Sir Martin Sorrell, Mark Thompson, and Sir Trevor McDonald. Paul will discuss in a no-holds-barred session the importance of leadership in an age of naked digital transparency. It’s very hard to remain calm under pressure when customers and prospects are tweeting insults at you at 3 a.m. – how can leaders make it work? Follow Paul on Twitter.

Jeff Bowling, the Chairman and former CEO of Delta Companies, understands corporate culture the way few others do. Turning The Delta Companies into a staffing powerhouse over his tenure leading the company, Jeff is committed not just to driving a profitable business, but also to creating an environment driven by mission, purpose, and respect for employees. Jeff will discuss what it takes to become an “intrapreneur” – not someone focused on growth at all costs, but a leader guided by doing right by a company, its employees, its customers, and its stakeholders.

Wes Gay, an entrepreneur, writer, and a contributor to Forbes, writes extensively about Millennial leadership and has a refreshing perspective different than what you may be accustomed to hearing. Gone are the days where we discuss tired old myths about Millennials – they’re greedy, they’re flighty, they’re disloyal. None of that is true. Wes will help Engage attendees come to grips with reality – we’ll all be working for Millennials one day. Here’s how to cope. Follow Wes on Twitter.

Katrina Kibben, Editor of leading recruiting trade publication Recruiting Daily, is no stranger to the topic she’s discussing – diversity in staffing. As a powerful, motivated woman and out lesbian, as well as a marketing wizard, Katrina will share ways to prioritize diversity in organizations that doesn’t pander, doesn’t compromise, and prioritizes the bottom line. Follow Katrina on Twitter.

Robin Mee, Founder and President of Mee Derby, will co-present with Kim Whiteley on the very latest, unreleased staffing compensation trends. Robin will also present a session on creating a thriving virtual workforce, in which she’ll discuss strategies for motivating remote employees and generating ROI from a virtual workforce model.

Loretta Penn, former President at Spherion Staffing, will present on the power of failing forward, lessons in leadership and life that she’s gleaned over her multi-decade career. Loretta, a dynamic speaker and incredibly accomplished veteran leader of staffing agencies as well as IBM, will share vignettes on what makes us susceptible to failure as leaders, and how to turn failures into jumping-off points to success.

Alan Stukalsky, Chief Information Officer at Randstad, will share his best practices on growing and nurturing long-lasting, profitable customer relationships through the strategic use of technology. The headline of the Engage Customers track, Alan’s session will offer practical takeaways for agency leaders to drive client growth. Follow Alan on Twitter.

Susan Yule is a veteran staffing leader and the President of Career Collaborative, a non-profit organization that helps low-income adults find and keep jobs with real career potential. Susan is a former senior executive at Veritude (a Fidelity company), the American Red Cross, and Eliassen Group, among others. Susan has seen first-hand how loyal and productive previously disenfranchised workers can be when given a chance, and will discuss how staffing agencies can tap underutilized sources of incredible talent – beyond the “Ivory Tower” we’re used to pursuing.


Eddie Lou, Co-Founder and CEO of ShiftGig, will tackle one of the hottest topics of 2017 – the gig economy. Shaking up the staffing industry is the addition of on-demand workers, who work one shift at a time and procured via a mobile app. How are these workers different from the others? And how do companies manage them alongside traditional temporary workers and project-based workers? Eddie’s session will take a closer look at how agency leaders can take advantage of the future of shift work. Follow Eddie on Twitter.

Joyce Russell, President of Adecco Staffing – a division of the largest staffing conglomerate in the world – will discuss the tenets and challenges of strong female leadership, drawing from the lessons she’s learned over the course of her storied and legendary career in a fireside chat with Bullhorn’s Andrea Wagner. Follow Joyce on Twitter.

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Engage is the ideal event for exploring the opportunities and challenges associated with accelerating your business growth in the new relationship economy. You’ll learn to build better business relationships and more effectively engaging customers, candidates, and employees. We’ll explore the impact of emerging technologies on relationship-based businesses.

Now celebrating our 10th year, Engage brings together practitioners and innovative business leaders in B2B services industries including Staffing and Recruiting, SaaS, and Consulting, but is still intimate enough that you’ll see some of your favorite staffing friends.

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