How LandrumHR Created a Single Source of Truth Across Their Organization with Bullhorn One

Founded over 50 years ago, LandrumHR is a full service Human Capital firm based in Pensacola, Florida. They offer services such as PEO, Staffing, National HR Search & Interim, as well as HR Consulting. The mission of LandrumHR is to offer small business owners attention to detail and a range of services that might be difficult and time-consuming to those who go it alone. Looking to move away from an outdated system, LandrumHR moved to Bullhorn One – a start to finish solution that runs every aspect of their recruiting business from intake to payroll.

The Challenge

LandrumHR had a disk operating system in place for 25 years. When that system was bought by BOND, they moved to eRecruit AdaptSuite. Five years ago, Mandy Sacco was promoted and became a member of LandrumHR’s leadership team, after being with the organization for 10 years. During this transition, Mandy evaluated the business, their current system, and how they were utilizing it. “Our system was very restricted and antiquated,” she said. It did not provide them with the flexibility or support necessary to continue to grow their business.

During their evaluation, the LandrumHR team identified numerous challenges with their platform, including:

  • Inflexible Tech Stack Stunted Innovation – LandrumHR’s prior system lacked an open API infrastructure that prevented them from seamlessly integrating with best of breed third party solutions. They saw new solutions that they wanted to incorporate into their business, but they didn’t have the ability to work with them. The LandrumHR team knew that if their system did not have flexibility to integrate with other technologies, they would not be able to properly customize their solution to differentiate themselves in the market and achieve their growth objectives. They needed to find a platform that would align with their business needs now, while continuing to expand its offerings and evolve with the market into the future.
  • Lack of Visibility to KPI’s – The recruiting and sales teams didn’t have visibility into their data or the work they needed to prioritize through functional dashboards, so they were not empowered to manage their business or day-to-day activities. Their recruiters had to spend a lot of their time guessing where the data was and searching for the information they needed instead of talking to candidates, which slowed down their business. LandrumHR needed a solution that would take over the work that could be automated, so that they could spend their time working with candidates and clients.
  • Recruiter Productivity Challenges – LandrumHR’s previous system was not very intuitive, making it difficult to train new hires. As the business looked to grow and expand their teams across the country, many working remotely, their growth was slowed down by training new hires to use the technology. This meant that it was taking longer for recruiters to get ramped up and ready to produce revenue. They needed a solution that would support their growth by being quick to train on and easy to use. This way, they could find quicker time to value with their new hires.

Overall, LandrumHR’s system was slowed down because of the manual intervention needed to fulfill their daily tasks. In order to increase efficiency and velocity of their staffing workflow, LandrumHR looked to automate their workflows and consolidate their technology so they would have a single source of truth. According to Mandy, “We started looking at the organization as a whole and where it made sense to consolidate systems, and we then began looking for a partner for the front end piece such as ATS, onboarding, and billing.”

The Solution

After 18 months of research and considering all of the solutions on the market, LandrumHR chose Bullhorn One as their start to finish solution. Where they previously had data stored in various spreadsheets and shared folders that were distributed throughout the organization, Bullhorn One allows LandrumHR to consolidate all their candidate, opportunity, timesheet, and invoice data in one centralized place. Their recruiters no longer need to track down information from various sources to properly support their candidates. This saves them time for important tasks that require a human touch, such as relationship building and job placements.

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LandrumHR was looking forward to all of the Marketplace partners they would have access to as a Bullhorn customer. “We ultimately chose Bullhorn because of the flexibility it afforded us and the Marketplace partners who are already vetted,” Mandy said. “They have lots of referrals, and people who you can reach out to who are willing to share how they are utilizing Bullhorn and the Marketplace partners. There are a lot of options that we didn’t have before.” Without the ability to integrate with other Marketplace solutions, LandrumHR would have become stagnant. This flexibility and ability to customize their tech stack with Bullhorn One has allowed them to fuel their future growth and continue to innovate as the Marketplace evolves.

Bullhorn One is our system of record. It allows us to do our jobs from start to finish.
Mandy Resmondo, LandrumHR
Mandy Resmondo President, Workforce Solutions

The Results

Efficiency and Ease of Use

With Bullhorn One, LandrumHR’s workflows have been completely transformed. Their recruiters are able to work more efficiently, which has resulted in cost savings. Where their recruiters previously had to work on time-consuming and manual tasks such as inputting notes and payroll, they can now focus their time where it matters most. Mandy explained, “Without Bullhorn One, our team would be doing a lot of administrative and very time-consuming, menial tasks that they don’t need to spend their time on. We need them to focus on candidates, and now they can.” The reduction in manual work has allowed the team to prioritize their time and become more efficient. They have been able to be effective with the resources that they have, which has slowed down the need to hire, resulting in cost savings.

Candidate Experience

These streamlined workflows have resulted in the strongest candidate experience that LandrumHR has ever had. In a market where you need to reach candidates quickly and keep them looped in at every stage of the interview cycle, they are able to set up workflows through tools like Bullhorn Automation that notify their candidates throughout the recruitment process. “Now, candidates don’t feel like they just fell into a black hole,” Mandy said.

Additionally, the ease of use of Bullhorn One saves LandrumHR time training and ramping up new recruiters. This has been particularly beneficial with the rise of the remote workforce, with recruiters needing to be trained and onboarded across the country. “Compared to our previous technology, Bullhorn is very intuitive and easy to train new hires on,” said Mandy. Their recruiters can get onboarded and trained at a faster rate, so they can start supporting clients earlier than ever before.

Enhanced Access to Data

The LandrumHR team utilizes Bullhorn Canvas and its reporting capabilities to access data that they didn’t have with their previous systems. They use the searching capabilities to access the data and put it into a format that gives clear visibility and is easy to analyze. “The reporting and access to data that we didn’t have access to before is huge,” said Mandy. “Being part of an organization with a strong IT and analytics team, LandrumHR was able to build a data warehouse. We have pulled together dashboards that provide the team information at their fingertips.” Having access to this data allows the LandrumHR team to make informed decisions to propel their business forward.

PrismHR Integration

LandrumHR’s payroll team appreciated the ease of integrating their current payroll platform, PrismHR, with Bullhorn One. Because of one of LandrumHR’s other service lines, the PEO, many of their team members were already familiar with PrismHR. By moving the staffing organization into the platform, they were able to eliminate all the manual touchpoints they had within their risk, payroll, and finance departments. “The huge piece of this is PrismHR and the payrolling. When we were able to shift the payroll piece into PrismHR, it brought so much efficiency and less room for human error across the entire organization,” said Mandy. “We have four different divisions. By us all being in PrismHR, it is much easier for our finance team to access and pull all of our data.” By removing manual roadblocks, the integration made it easier for LandrumHR’s payroll team to report on financial activity throughout the company.

When we moved from eRecruit AdaptSuite to Bullhorn, it was a completely new world. We almost couldn't believe that we had ever used the old system.
Mandy Resmondo, LandrumHR
Mandy Resmondo President, Workforce Solutions

The Future

Looking forward, LandrumHR will be folding their Search and Interim business as well as possible acquisitions into Bullhorn, continuing to strengthen Bullhorn as their single source of truth. When asked what she would tell others who are looking for an all-in-one technology solution, her advice was, “With technology solutions evolving so frequently, I think it’s important to look at where your business is currently, but it’s also important to look at where you want your organization to be and if Bullhorn is the right system for you. For us, I know it is.”

Based on their success with Bullhorn One, LandrumHR has started transitioning to Bullhorn Onboarding365 and Bullhorn Automation to create an even more efficient program and save additional time.

As for their partnership with Bullhorn? Transitioning to a new technology and workflow can be overwhelming, but LandrumHR did not have to do it alone. The Bullhorn team was there throughout the journey from implementation to go-live, to ensure the move was seamless and LandrumHR felt supported throughout. “I can’t say enough great things about everybody I’ve had the opportunity to work with at Bullhorn. Everyone has been extremely wonderful, supportive and helpful through all of this,” said Mandy. “A lot of times a conversion is not very enjoyable, but the whole Bullhorn team made it a lot more fun than it typically would have been.”


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