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Give your team access to candidate and client data in real-time, at any point in the recruiting life-cycle. With Bullhorn One, you can leverage holistic reporting & analysis on margin, activity, and financial data to boost productivity and provide seamless candidate and client experiences.

Speed Up Time-to-Revenue

Efficiently scale your business and speed up time-to-revenue by eliminating manual paperwork, ensuring compliance, and drastically improving on-time starts, all while delivering an incredible candidate experience.

Reduce Manual Effort & Error

Operationalize complex time & labor rules, efficiently capture, approve, and manage time & expense, and navigate evolving compliance and credential requirements to scale your business without increasing headcount.

Why do firms choose Bullhorn One?

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75% increase

In efficiency when working invoices

eHire, a firm located in Atlanta, Georgia, that specializes in IT, sales, and marketing, created a single source of truth for all candidate, job, placement, opportunity, timesheet, and invoice data with Bullhorn One.

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Reporting & Analysis

Know your business inside and out with Bullhorn’s advanced reporting and analytics suite. Turn your data into clear, real-time insights that enable your company to maximize revenue across recruiters, clients, jobs, and candidates. Drill into any company performance metric, unlock improvement opportunities, and mitigate risk in real-time.

Sales & Recruiting

The Bullhorn platform is purpose-built for the staffing industry and enables you to increase sales and placements, maximize recruiter performance, and stay ahead of the curve with configurable reports and real-time insights tailored to your specific goals and KPIs.


Speed up time-to-revenue and get candidates on assignment faster by eliminating tedious tasks and increasing accurate, on-time completions with just a few clicks in the ATS. Deliver an intuitive, mobile-friendly candidate onboarding experience to drastically reduce drop-out by tailoring the process directly to your candidate’s and client’s needs.

Time Management

It takes an incredible amount of time and effort each week to chase timecards and client approvals, and there’s a significant amount of manual work involved in ensuring you are accurately paying your candidates and billing your customers. Bullhorn allows you to effectively capture, approve, and interpret time from all sources so you can focus on the important, revenue-generating activities for your business.


Improve cash flow and consistently meet client billing requirements with a powerful invoicing engine to automate invoice creation. With Bullhorn, attaching signed timesheets to invoices and emailing them to clients is easier than ever, helping your company avoid billing errors and get paid faster. Choose between several invoice frequency options and customize parts of the process to support the varying demands of your clients.


Bullhorn offers you the freedom to select the best payroll and accounting services to meet the demands of your business. Avoid errors and adhere to client requirements by automating complex payroll operations, including:

  • Garnishment sequencing
  • Reissuing paychecks
  • Automated payroll tax codes
  • Contractors between EINs
  • Transfers withholdings setup across clients and placements

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How The Jacobson Group used Bullhorn One to digitally transform their processes

Prior to using Bullhorn One, The Jacobson Group was using outdated platforms for their accounting and billing. With Bullhorn One, The Jacobson Group has seen a significant increase in their team’s efficiency and productivity.

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At Jacobson, we don't know what is gonna happen with the economy. The real answer that no one will tell you is that nobody knows. So, we're gonna do everything that we can to provide the best service that we can to our clients right now. We look forward, but we don't fear forward.
Susan Callozzo, Senior Vice President, Director of Finance, The Jacobson Group
Susan Callozzo Senior Vice President, Director of Finance, The Jacobson Group
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How Do We Help You Succeed?

Ensuring Project Success

with Implementation

Strict internal guidelines, including frequent success checks, verify that your implementation is progressing and your team is on-track for a successful go-live. A specialized group will be assigned to your project, confirming correct measures on the best path forward, with monthly meetings giving you visibility at every stage. Our highly experienced team uses the following success checks for a seamless implementation.


Establish a clear understanding of customer requirements to ensure implementation satisfaction. Finalize an SOW that meets customer expectations in terms of scope, deadline and budget.

Initiate a kickoff conversation with the core project team. Use this time to agree upon the timeline and goals for each stage of the process, making sure all stakeholders are aligned.

Design an implementation process and data mapping strategy that supports your specific workflow while leveraging Bullhorn’s expertise and best practices.

Perform parallel and user acceptance testing to confirm successful migration of data and generation of requirements. Resolve any outstanding issues and address any potential challenges the customer might have prior to the upcoming go-live.

Once you choose to move forward with the go-live, create a plan to sunset the legacy program, complete Bullhorn training on and schedule the go-live.

Introduce your dedicated support representative to answer any and all questions following go-live.

[When we implemented Bullhorn One] Bullhorn was a partner in every sense of the word. We were at the early stages. So, what was important to our customers was still kind of being figured out. Bullhorn was very receptive, understood what was important to us, and helped us find solutions.
Patrick Davis VP of Technology at The DAVIS Companies

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