Bullhorn Demonstrates the Critical Importance of Customer Experience and Shares Insights at Industry Events

BOSTON, Mass, May 7, 2015Bullhorn®, the cloud-based CRM provider that puts powerful customer insights at users’ fingertips, is helping promote the customer experience, making strides within its own organization, and championing the customer within the business community. Bullhorn CEO and co-founder Art Papas will keynote and speak at multiple events across the country in the coming weeks providing real-world anecdotes and advice for entrepreneurs, including insight about the critical role customer experience plays in fueling business success.

Upcoming events that Bullhorn will participate in include:

Art Papas will give a keynote at SCORE, “Customer Loyalty and its Impact on Shareholder Value,” on Thursday, May 21, from 1:30 – 2:15 pm. His keynote will discuss how companies like Bullhorn use customer loyalty to increase shareholder value and how that translates into a competitive advantage as well as a significant improvement in the bottom line.

Bullhorn CMO Gordon Burnes will also speak at SCORE, on the panel: “Integrating Your CEM Strategy to Drive the Big 4 Business Goals: Acquisition, Retention, Growth and Winning Back Lost Customers,” May 21, from 10:30 – 11:15 am. During the session, Burnes will discuss the methods, benchmarks and tools Bullhorn uses to drive revenue and profits to establish a competitive edge while strengthening customer relationships.

Art Papas will speak on the panel: “Raising Outside Capital: The Entrepreneurs’ Perspective,” from 12:55 – 1:55 pm. Drawing on his experience raising tens of millions of dollars in funding at Bullhorn, Papas will explain the key factors in building a valuable, market-leading services and technology business.

Art Papas will participate on the panel: “$0-$1B – Scaling an Enterprise Start-Up in an Era of Digital Transformation,” on Thursday, May 28, from 1:00 – 1:55 pm. Speaking alongside other successful entrepreneurs, Papas will highlight lessons he’s gleaned from leading Bullhorn through more than a decade of aggressive growth and providing innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of the customer.

Art Papas will participate on the panel: “Using Industry Cloud Technologies to Disrupt the Status Quo,” on Thursday, June 4. Papas and other private company CEOs from various verticals will highlight the opportunities for growth and customer success that cloud will enable over the next 3-5 years.

“Companies are constantly striving to figure out how to drive growth. Ultimately, it all comes back to solving big problems for customers in a way no one else can,” said Papas. “We are doubling down on building the customer experience at Bullhorn, and hope to spark conversations with other businesses on enhancing the customer experience and fueling strong business growth as well.”

Bullhorn’s recent investments in customer experience include hiring former Salesforce executive Danielle du Toit as SVP of Global Services to help expand Bullhorn’s culture of customer service and partnership, and ensure a consistent and excellent experience to all customers. du Toit will lead Bullhorn’s team of 75 services professionals that ensure clients win new business and build stronger client relationships with its mobile-first CRM platform.


About Bullhorn

Bullhorn provides cloud-based CRM solutions for companies in service-based industries. Its data capture and customer insight technology puts the most up-to-date and powerful information at users’ fingertips to give them everything they need to win customers and keep them happy. Today, Bullhorn serves more than 10,000 clients and 350,000 users, and its software solutions are used by some of the world’s most prominent services enterprises to help increase sales, improve service delivery, and streamline operations. Headquartered in Boston, the company has offices in St. Louis, London, and Sydney, with 450 employees globally. The company is founder-led and backed by Vista Equity Partners. To learn more, visit www.bullhorn.com or follow @Bullhorn on Twitter.


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