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time and expense software

Web and Mobile Time Entry

Web and Mobile Time Entry is perfect for employees at any location. Accessible via your computer or mobile device, all that’s required is access to the internet —no software to install or support. With comprehensive data capture, you can track more than start and end times, all through a single interface, regardless of the employee’s physical location. A customizable interface also helps you meet your clients’ specific compliance requirements, such as break times, and near real-time access to data means faster processing.

Need a solution that's scalable and extensible?

Bullhorn Time & Expense is the enterprise solution for you.

All You Need Is Internet Access

Employees can enter time with ease while we give you everything you need to keep track of expenses

Complete Mobility

Your employees can enter hours and assignments and upload their receipts anywhere, at any time, through their mobile device or online.


Reports are routed to you for review - approved, returned, or denied, all while ensuring the right people are notified.


With several options for uploading receipts, you get access to them quickly and in a clear, organized manner. You know exactly which receipt goes with which report.


No complicated software to install and no paper greatly reduces your cost. Plus, there is no cost to rent or maintain a clock.

Easy to Read

Reports clearly communicate important information, such as project, client, business reasons and expense codes.


Each time-tracking interface is designed to accurately record an employee’s time to reduce human error, virtually eliminating payroll errors.

Filling out expense sheets is easy, when you remove the sheets part

If you’ve ever had to track expenses, you know how difficult it can be without the appropriate tools at your disposal. Our expenses solution makes it easy and inexpensive to enter, approve, and manage company expenses. In no time you'll start to see less paper lying around the office!

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Expense Entry and Approval

Employees can enter their expenses at any time, regardless of where they may be. A variety of entry methods make the expense entry fast and easy - email, fax, direct upload, and a form for those employees that work for one or more clients. 

What's more, approving expenses is as easy as entering them. Reports clearly communicate important information such as project, client, business reasons, and expense codes. You can look at them by employee, project, or client, so you can quickly review and get them processed.

Expense Management

With Bullhorn, you get the information you need right on your screen in real time, customized for your role, so you don’t have to sift through data you don’t need. The product lets you easily choose the way you view expense reports— by employee, date, client, project, approved, on hold, or denied. You can quickly make decisions and ensure the appropriate people are notified and actions taken.

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