How do you prefer recruiters reach out with an opportunity?

Talent express preferences for a wide range of communication throughout the talent journey

Elevate the Talent Experience

Top Three Requests from Temp Workers for Additional Feedback from Recruiters:

90% of talent wished they had more communication from firms throughout the placement process. Talent are twice as likely to feel underinformed on an  assignment than they are during the placement process.

1 %

What exactly I would be doing in offered jobs

1 %

Pay and benefits

1 %

How long an assignment will last

How Talent Apply for a Job

More than half of talent apply for jobs by phone, and the majority expect a mobile-friendly experience.

3 out of 5 Candidates say:

– The ability to apply from their phone is a must

– The website needs to be intuitive and easy to use

Does Talent Know How to Use Your Site/App?

Half of talent says their staffing firm never explained how to use their app or website


How Talent Search for Jobs:

70% of talent use a mobile device in their job search, including 85% of Gen Z. Regardless of their preferred device, half of talent have abandoned a job search because of a slow or confusing web/app experience.


Elevate the Talent Experience

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