Create Loyal Candidates

Provide an experience candidates want to experience, and build relationships for life!

Scale Without Headcount

Empower candidates to self-serve, and take the busy work away from your recruiters.

Reduce Drop-off

Lower drop-off rates during application and onboarding by tailoring the process to your talent’s needs.

Increase Redeployment

Deliver high-touch experiences and timely engagements to increase redeployment rates and bottom line.

Multi-Channel Engagement

There’s no one-size-fits-all way to engage with modern workers. Flexible communication via email, text, chat bot, and portal – all accessible on mobile – makes it easier than ever to quickly communicate with candidates in the way they prefer.

Step-by-Step Registration

With mobile self-service, candidates are empowered to take control of their work-life by registering, managing their profiles, and more from the palm of their hand.

Review and Apply for Jobs

Save your talent essential time by providing them with AI-driven job suggestions that align with their skills and work history. Candidates can also quickly search for jobs that fit their schedule and apply immediately, enabling them to find the right role at the right time.

Upload Docs & Credentials

Within the Bullhorn Talent Platform, workers can quickly enter credentials, upload documentation, and complete the steps necessary to begin their jobs with an onboarding experience that sets your staffing firm apart.

Provide Feedback & Get Paid

At home or on the go, your talent can enter their time with ease and keep track of their pay stubs. You’ll be able to complete NPS checks with ease and maintain engagement with your talent that increases redeployment rates.

Powered by Bullhorn Automation

Deliver the high-touch experience that talent expects and take the busywork away from your team. With Bullhorn Automation, easily ensure that your talent receives the right message at the right time.

A Digital talent experience for the entire journey

Put talent in control of their work by offering a single, streamlined mobile experience that drives engagement at every step of their journey. Talent can manage their job search, application, onboarding, and assignments all from the palm of their hands at their convenience.


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With Bullhorn Automation, you can automatically match candidates with relevant job openings, trigger personalized communications throughout the talent experience, send automated updates and notifications, and more.


Digitize and simplify the onboarding experience with Bullhorn Onboarding. Customize forms by location and brand, automatically assign the right documents to the right candidates, and monitor the candidates onboarding progress and form completion.

Talent Portal

The Talent Portal’s mobile self-service platform empowers talent to take control of their work-life. Offer a single experience for job search, profile management, compliance documentation and time & expense that keeps talent engaged and increases redeployment rates.

Ready to Get Started on the Talent Platform?

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