The Continual Pursuit of an Incredible Customer Experience

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In pursuit of delivering an incredible customer experience, we’ve put together a Customer Success team that works with the Bullhorn customers that are facing challenges in deriving full value from our software, and may be in danger of churning. Brendan Robinson recently took over the team and the group has made some great progress.  

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When Brendan first took over, our feedback loop was, frankly, broken. We were waiting for unhappy customers to call us with complaints, and then we would work with them to make things right. The problem with this approach is that by the time a customer calls, they may already be too far gone. This wait-to-hear approach has been well-documented as ineffective in solving the customer churn problem. Brendan and his team have adopted a proactive approach to get to the source of customer dissatisfaction. Now, 60-70 percent of our customer success engagements are the result of a proactive process of reaching out to the customer.  

What are we doing? We’re using Bullhorn Pulse to tell us which customers need urgent attention. Pulse mines client communication and surfaces important engagement, sentiment, and communication preference information. Pulse helps us identify relationships that need attention through the Flagged Emails card, which alerts us to problematic interactions by flagging certain “trigger” words or phrases that indicate dissatisfaction, such as “unhappy,” “angry,” or “cancellation.”

Flagged Emails allows Brendan and his team to zero in on customers that are starting to have a negative experience with Bullhorn. Brendan’s team flagged the Ian Martin Group when they sent an email to support with the word “escalate,” referring to a support issue that wasn’t being resolved satisfactorily. We have an awesome support team, but every once in a while ticket resolutions don’t represent a problem solved, and the customer stews. With Pulse, we can identify those customers falling through the cracks and make sure we deliver an incredible customer experience for everyone. 

Here’s a view of the Pulse card:

Recently Flagged Emails

The team also looks at other data as well, such as CRM software usage, number of users, and open tickets. By combining all that data in an account view, the team can prioritize which companies to pursue based on their respective likelihoods of becoming detractors. The team has posted stellar results with this select group of customers. Overall, we’ve had a 63-point movement in NPS score.

What can you do to start moving the needle towards a better, more uniform customer experience? Learn from our mistakes – don’t wait for unhappy customers to contact you. Reach out to your customer first and turn communication data into customer success!

Learn more about the proactive insights you can get with Bullhorn Pulse

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