Measure your Connected Recruiting strategy: Iterate your tactics

connected recruiting strategy

After aligning your team, building your analysis, and setting your targets, you’ve at last measured your Connected Recruiting strategy. However, your job isn’t done. Whichever direction your metrics are trending in, now is your opportunity to tweak your goals or your overall strategy. 

This last step of measurement isn’t a last step at all. In our fifth and final blog of this series, we unpack how you can take what you’ve done so far and iterate on your tactics for further – or increased – success. Read on to learn how to set up your Connected Recruiting strategy for the long haul.

Adjust your targets

Armed with insight from your in-depth analysis from Step Four, you should be getting an idea of what’s working. If you’re hitting targets in some areas, it’s time to increase those targets and keep pushing until you’re as effective as you can be. For example, are you achieving high click-through rates on your emails? Great! Try widening the net to see if your outreach can attract an even larger talent pool. (If you need inspiration for new targets, check out our guide to essential Connected Recruiting KPIs.)

You may also have a deeper understanding of what isn’t working. As you dig into your processes to understand the reasoning behind your trends, it may be time to readjust these targets to a more realistic number. Don’t be too generous, though; you still want to improve your processes to the best of your team’s ability.

Redevelop your strategy

Aside from targets, you’re not just iterating your measurement here; you’re iterating over the whole strategy. Maybe you’re keeping talent in the funnel the first time around – now it’s time to see if you can boost your redeployment and keep candidates coming back to you again and again. Regardless of the specifics, try something new in areas where things aren’t working so well.

Now is also a good time to double down on trials that have shown promise. Maybe you’re generating useful feedback from NPS surveys; this might be a chance to leverage those results to generate referrals or redeployments. 

If you’re looking to redevelop parts of the big picture, it’s also a good idea to go back and repeat any of the steps already covered in this series beforehand. Make sure your team is aligned, set your targets, build your analysis, and, of course, conduct your measurement. Any changes you make or iterations you set up should also be underpinned by new timelines, and an agreement to check again in three to six months. 

Measuring your Connected Recruiting strategy isn’t a one-and-done event, especially as the staffing industry continues to change and grow. The goal is to continuously take stock of your efforts, conduct your analyses, and adjust as needed, so you can continue to see growth in the months – and years – to come.


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