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Posting The Numbers – Top Performers and New Hires

Last week, Barry and I traveled across the country with a few other team members to visit a prospective Bullhorn customer. While we were touring the customer’s offices, a huge poster on the wall captured everyone’s attention. The poster pictured… Read More

Bullhorn Blog #1

This is my first ever blog…how is it that I am just entering this new form of communication? How will blogging change me? Bullhorn once again impacts my life…Bullhorn is the primary way that I communicate electronically and run my… Read More

Sourcing – It’s Not the Hunt That’s the Thrill

We hear the same thing repeatedly from staffing and recruiting professionals – sourcing is inefficient. In effect, it’s like “big game hunting” or a “fishing expedition,” hunting or catching the prize one at a time. Unlike those pursuits, when it… Read More

Maiden Post

I start every new year with the goal of spending more time talking to our customers and prospects. I usually end each year feeling I didn’t get to enough of you. 2006 was no exception. I talked to hundreds of… Read More